Phrases and Idioms List with Examples and Meaning Part 4

By | May 2, 2019

Study of phrases and idioms

is very important to learn the advanced English language. We are providing phrases examples with phrases meaning which can be said verb phrase examples. Through this phrase express, you will learn idioms and phrases English and be perfect in phrase grammar. So if you are searching for the phrase in English and phrase meanings with sentences or phrase and clause you are at the right place. Find these phrase keywords and enjoy this phrases list.  


1.Phrasal Verbs with Call

  • He called at (visited) her house yesterday.
  • Seeing my friend, I called to (addressed loudly) him.
  • Call in (send for) a doctor.
  • The Government called in (withdrew from circulation) all silver coins.
  • This job calls for (demands) extraordinary skill.
  • The old man could not call up (recollect) past events.
  • Names on a class roll are called over (recited in order).
  • Call upon (Pray to) me in the day of trouble.
  • He called on (paid a brief visit) me in my office.
  • He called his opponent out (challenged to fight).
  • Seeing my dog barking at the gentleman I called it off (diverted attention).

2. Phrasal Verbs with take/took/taken

  • Take away (remove) these papers.
  • He took it for (misunderstood) a rope.
  • The dentist took out (extracted) his tooth.
  • He has taken to (resorted to) gambling.
  • She takes after (resembles) her mother.
  • He took over (accepted) the charge.
  • It was not proper for him to take up’ with -The-friendly with) such a rude fellow.
  • I will take down (a record) the speeches.
  • Salish was taken in (admitted).
  • The old man was taken in (deceived) by the sharper’s.
  • We couldn’t take in (comprehend) his meaning.
  • I’m quite taken with (pleased with) the style of this author.
  • He took on (undertook) the task.
  • He took off (removed) his hat.
  • He stopped and took a breath (rested) for a while.
  • This should also be taken into account (considered).
  • He took great pains (attempted diligently) to do my work.

3.  Phrasal Verbs with get/got

  • He got off (dismounted) the horse.
  • Hope he would get off (escape) with a fine.
  • I can’t get out (remove) this stain.
  • It seems difficult for me to get out of (free from) debt.
  • The thief got away (escaped) with a cash box.
  • He got down (came down) from the tree.
  • A rumour has got abroad (become public) that he is going to resign.
  • He managed to get over (overcome) all difficulties.
  • He is getting on (progressing) well at school.
  • He gets up (rises) early in the morning.
  • A collector gets in (receives) reports from all quarters of his district.
  • I tried hard, but couldn’t get in (enter) Intelligent students get ahead (advance) in the class.
  • He is getting along the (prospering) business.
  • I won’t let you get before (in forwarding position) me in learning.
  • The weather is so bad today that it is not advisable to get about (go about).
  • The dog tried to get at (reach) me

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