Phrases and Idioms List with Examples and Meaning Part 2

By | May 2, 2019

Study of phrases and idioms is very important to learn the advanced English language. We are providing phrases examples with phrases meaning which can be said verb phrase examples. Through this phrase express, you will learn idioms and phrases English and be perfect in phrase grammar. So if you are searching for the phrase in English and phrase meanings with sentences or phrase and clause you are at the right place. Find these phrase keywords and enjoy this phrases list.  


1. Phrasal Verbs with struck

  • His head was struck off (cut fop with a sword.
  • We were struck dumb (astonished) by the news.
  • The workers struck work (refused to work) to compel an increase in wages.
  • The last sentence should be struck (erased).
  • Strike up (begin to play) the drums.

2. Phrasal Verbs with stand/ stood

  • No one could stand against (withstand) Alexander.
  • He stood up (opposed) against the caste system.
  • He will stand for (present as a candidate) chairmanship in the election.
  • He stood by (assisted) me at all times.
  • He stood up for (fought for) his rights.
  • A contract stands good (remains true) when it is legally made.
  • He stood out against (refused to yield) all our efforts to persuade him:

3. Phrasal Verbs with set

  • The summer has set in (begun).
  • He set out (started on) on his journey.
  • The decision of the High Court was set aside (disregarded) by the Supreme Court.
  • He set off (departed) for Bombay.
  • This building has been set up (established) recently.
  • The dog set upon (attacked) the beggar.
  • You should set about (begin) your own business.
  • One day in a week is set apart (reserved) for a holiday.
  • The magistrate set down (recorded) the statement of the accused.
  • He set forth (explained) his views clearly.
  • He set on (incited) Maki to fight.

4. Phrasal Verbs with draw/ drew

  • The date of examination is drawing near (approaching).
  • They drew out (prepared) a plan.
  • He will not draw back (withdraw) from his promise.
  • Wickedness will draw down (attract) punishment form a righteous God.
  • The snail draws in (pulls inside) its horns.
  • Draw off (Divert) your mind from exciting amusements.
  • Ambedkar drew up (drafted) the Constitution.

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