Phrases and Idioms Exercise No. 5

By | May 2, 2019

Study of phrases and idioms is very important to learn the advanced English language. We are providing phrases Exercises with phrases meaning which can be said verb phrase examples. Through this phrase express, you will learn idioms and phrases English and be perfect in phrase grammar. So if you are searching for the phrase in English and phrase meanings with sentences or phrase and clause you are at the right place. Find these phrase keywords and enjoy this phrases list.  


Directions: of the alternatives given for each group of sentences, find the best fits into the blank in each of the given sentences:

Questions 1 to 6

 (a) pass into           (b) pass for           (c) pass off      (d) pass away               (e) pass through

1.The old man _______without any trouble.

2.He________ a great dramatist.

3. His disease has________ a chronic state.

4. The crew________ terrible sufferings.

5. He was caught while trying to________ counterfeit rupee.

6. He_______ himself_______ as a noble man.

 Questions 7 to 11

(a) look to        (b) look up       (c) look after               (d) look on

7. The Indian economy is now _______

8. My uncle_______me.

9. _______the word in the dictionary.

10. _______your manners.

11. I_______ him as my son.

Questions 12 to 18

(a) Makeup            (b)make out         (c) makeover         (d)make of              (e) make for

12. I cannot_______ his writing.

13. I cannot _______ anything   _______this telegram.

14. He _______ his bungalow to an orphanage.

15. You have failed to _______your case.

16. The two brothers quarreled some time ago, but they have now _______it _______

17. Contentment _______happiness.

18. I cannot _______the meaning of this verse.


1.(d): passed away – died

2. (b): passed for – is regarded as

3. (a): passed into – changed into

4. (e): passed through – underwent

5. (c): pass off – impose fraudulently

6. (c): passed himself over – pretended to be

7. (b): looking up – improving

8. (c): looks after – takes care of

9. (b) : look up – search for

10. (a): look to – Be careful about

11. (d) : look on – regard

12. (b): make out – decipher

13. (d): make of – understand

14. (c): made over – presented

15. (b): make out – prove

16. (a): made up – reconciled

17. (e): makes for – results in

18. (b): make out – discover

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