Phrases and Idioms Exercise No. 3

By | May 2, 2019

Study of phrases and idioms is very important to learn the advanced English language. We are providing phrases Exercises with phrases meaning which can be said verb phrase examples. Through this phrase express, you will learn idioms and phrases English and be perfect in phrase grammar. So if you are searching for the phrase in English and phrase meanings with sentences or phrase and clause you are at the right place. Find these phrase keywords and enjoy this phrases list.  


In the following exercise, a sentence is given in which a phrase has been italicized and kept in a bracket, followed by some alternatives. You are required to choose that best alternative which expresses the meaning of the italicized phrase.

1.I hope it will not (put you out) if I am late. (Asset Grade, 1994)

 (a) worry out

 (b) please you

(c) irritate you

 (d) harm you

2. His dealings are all (above board).

(a) decent

(b) friendly

 (c) open

(d) simple

3. My plan to have a new car (fell through) because of the price rise. (Translators’ Exam, 1994)

 (a) was completed

(b) was completed with difficulty

(c) we postponed

(d) failed to materialize     

4. When I refused his request for a loan, he (was put out).

(a) was annoyed

(b) threatened to use force

 (c) started to cry

(d) collapsed

5. Rust has (eaten away) the plate

 (a) consumed

 (b) corroded

(c) destroyed

 (d) swallowed

6. The father was (taken aback) by his son’s rude behaviour.

 (a) surprised

(b) hurt

 (c) annoyed

(d) affected

7. After our steep climb, all of us greatly (knocked out).

(a) jubilant

 (b) depressed

(c) happy

(d) exhausted

8. A large number of small-scale industries have been (set-up) in rural areas. (Stenographer’s Exam, 1994)

 (a) upgraded

 (b) opened

(c) demolished

(d) encouraged

9. I cannot (put up) with that nasty fellow. (Bank P.O. 1993)

(a) appreciate

(b) endure

 (c) control

(d) forgive

(e) praise

10. My car (broke down) on way to college yesterday.

(a) dashed against another vehicle

 (b) broke into pieces

 (c) met with an accident

 (d) stopped due to mechanical failure

11. He is’ (out and out) a reactionary. (Section Officers, 1993)

(a) deadly against

 (b) in favor of

(c) no more

 (d) thoroughly

12. (Look sharp) if you wish to catch hold of this opportunity.

(a) Be quick

 (b) Be intelligent

 (c) Be firm

(d) Be careful

13. I was (hard up) last month because of heavy deductions from my salary.

 (a) in acute tension

 (b) in difficult circumstances

 (c) in an unlucky phase

 (d) not having enough money

14. It is (high time) that India did something about the population problem. (Asset Grade, 1994)

(a) desired occasion

 (b) auspicious moment

(c) appropriate time

 (d) already late

15. One cannot (get by) in a city without learning those sophisticated ways of dealing with the people.

(a) get a job

(b) survive

 (c) cope up

 (d) continue your way of life

16. In his quest for knowledge, he has (knocked about) the world a great deal.

(a) gained experience

 (b) explored

(c) wandered about

 (d) exhausted

17. I expect he will (come round) within a week.

(a) arrive

(b) visit us

(c) recover

 (d) call on us

18. The country’s economy is beginning to (look up now) (N.D.A. 1995)

(a) remain static

 (b) improve

 (c) look clear

(d) go down

19. When I told him what I had done, he (went for) me like a wild beast.

 (a) received

(b) approached

(c) treated

(d) attacked

20. Ramadan has (laid out) a large sum of money in the new factory.

 (a) borrowed

(b) invested

 (d) lost

 (c) collected


1.(c)            2. (c)

3. (d)          4. (a)

5. (b)          6. (a)

7. (d)          8. (6)

9. (6)          10. (d)

11. (d)        12. (a)

13. (d)        14. (d)

15. (b)        16. (c)

17. (c)        18. (b)

19. (d)       20. (b)

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