Phrases and Idioms Exercise No. 2

By | May 2, 2019

Study of phrases and idioms is very important to learn the advanced English language. We are providing phrases Exercises with phrases meaning which can be said verb phrase examples. Through this phrase express, you will learn idioms and phrases English and be perfect in phrase grammar. So if you are searching for the phrase in English and phrase meanings with sentences or phrase and clause you are at the right place. Find these phrase keywords and enjoy this phrases list.  


Directions: of the alternatives given for each group of sentences, find the best fits into the blank in each of the given sentences:

Questions 1 to 5

(a) give over           (b) ‘give out           (c) give in          (d) give away

1.The Chief Guest ————the prizes.

2. The strikers seem determined and are not likely to,————

3. The horses ————– at the next milestone

4. ———— this foolish attempt.

5. It was ——— that he was bankrupt.

 Questions 6 to 11

(a) go by             (b) go down                   (c) go through                   (d) go over

6. The auditor ———- the balance sheet.

7. You must———- this book again.

8. She has patiently ———- the sufferings of life.

9. That story won’t———–

10. He———– the directions of the officer.

11. Three months ———-without the accused being traced out.

Questions 12 to 15

(a) give off            (b) give way              (c) go into             (d) to upon

12. He promised to———- the matter.

13. The fire ———– a dense smoke.

14. The rope ———- while the workmen were hauling up the iron pillar.

15. We have no data to ————


1.(d): gave away – distributed

2. (c): give in – yield

3. (b): gave out – exhausted

4. (a) : give over – abandon

5. (b) : given out – proclaimed

6. (d): went over-examined

7. (b): go through – read

8. (b): gone through – endured

9. (c): go down – be believed

10. (a): went by – followed

11. (a) : went by – elapsed

12. (c) : go into – investigate

13. (a): gave off – emitted

14. (b): gave way – broke

15. (d): go upon – on which to base our conclusion

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