By | August 6, 2016


Rising above yourself so high
Going even beyond the sky
Never losing faith and hope
Keep climbing even if its a slope

Transcendence happens only when you spark
From an isolated, wrecked den completely dark
It is a state of eternal bliss
Achieve it and have a life you would want to kiss

Positivity resonates with transcending states
Confidence and belief are beautiful traits
That help a person to reach the stars
And get everything that is already ours

Every soul has to transcend
It is a call from the universe we have to attend
Change is a vital phenomena we all possess
Now, it’s our job to make that change progress

Being truthful to yourself is what is needed
You will soon see your happiness exceeded
Life is nothing but an empty bowl
Don’t fill it a fraction but a whole!

                                                               By Anshita Rao, Hisar, Haryana, India