Creative Paragraph Writing No.7,8,9

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7.Write a short Paragraph on “A Visit to a Zoo”

Ans:                                                    A Visit to a Zoo

There is a zoo in our city. I visited it last Sunday. I went with my parents. We bought tickets and went in. First of all we saw birds. There were many beautiful and rare kinds of birds. We saw canaries, swallows, peacocks, cranes, herons, gulls and geese. Then we saw some wild beasts. A lioness and her cub were basking in the sun. We also saw wolves, tigers, elephants and rhinos. Then we saw a muddy pond. There were many big snakes in it. It was fearful to look at them. We stayed in the zoo for about three hours. Then we came back home.

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8.Write a short Paragraph on “A Visit to an Exhibition”

Ans:                                               A Visit to an Exhibition

 Last year an Industrial Exhibition was held in Delhi. It was in the month of December and we had our winter break in the school. So I had a chance to visit this exhibition. I went with two of my friends. The entry was by means of tickets. When we went in, we saw that it was a big pavilion with a number of halls. Different products had been displayed in different halls. We went from one hall to the other and had a view of all the exhibits. In one hall there were handicrafts, in the other there were agricultural implements, in still another there were sewing and stitching machines, and so on. I was really impressed by the development India has made in the industrial field. This visit proved very useful and informative for me.

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9.Write a short Paragraph on “A Visit to a Book Fair”

Ans:                                                                 A Visit to a Book Fair

A three-day book fair was organized by the local publishers and distributors of the city. It was held in the Town Hall from the 17th to the 19th of the month. There was a rich display of books on almost all subjects for school and college students. The fair attracted a large number of students, parents and other book-lovers order to make the fair attractive to students, a series of competitions were held for school students on each day of the fair. Students of all local schools could take part in these competitions. Prizes were given to the winners in painting, cursive writing and intelligence tests in science, maths and general knowledge. The fair was a great success in so far as it aroused the interest of the students to read good and useful books.

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