Ch. 6 Virtually True

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                                                  Virtually True
Exercise based on Students’ Response (1)(3=3 marks each)
Read the extracts carefully and answer the questions that follow.
1, 1 suddenly saw the photograph that went with the story, and gasped.
(i) Who is ‘I’?
(ii) Whose photograph did he see?
(iii) What do you mean by ‘gasp’?
Ans. (1) ‘I’ is the narrator, Michael.
(ii) He has seen Sebastian Shultz’s photograph in the newspaper.
(iii) It means short quick breath in surprise, shock and pain.
2. ‘Never mind her,’ came a voice, and a second knight appeared from the wardrobe. It’s me who needs rescuing!
(i) Who is the speaker?
(ii) Who is being spoken to?
(iii) What do you mean by ‘Knight’?
Ans. (i) Sebastian is the speaker.
(ii) Michael, the narrator is being spoken to.
(iii) Here it means warrior.
3. Six weeks ago, Sebastian Shultz was badly injured in a motorway accident. His condition, on arrival at the General Hospital, was described as critical though stable. Despite doctor’s hopes, the boy did not regain consciousness. His parents were informed that their son was in a coma.
(i) Why had Sebastian Shultzs gone into coma?
(ii) What do you mean by ‘Critical’?
(iii) Why was the narrator concerned about Shultz’s condition?
Ans. (i) He had been badly injured in a motorway accident.
(ii) Here ‘Critical’ means serious.
(iii) He had met him and he knew him.
4. I’d hit the jackpot. I’d finally cracked the game.
(i) Who is ‘I’?
(ii) What is the ‘jackpot’?
(iii) What do you mean by ‘Crack’ here?
Ans. (i) ‘I’ is the narrator.
(ii) jackpot’ is the perfect score of 40,00,000.
(iii) Here crack means to win.
5. “We came away with a virtual reality visor and glove and a handful of the latest interactive psycho-drive games. They’re terrific”.
(i) Who are ‘we’?
(ii) What are terrific and why?
(iii) What do you mean by ‘psycho-drive games’?
Ans. (i) Michael and his father are ‘we’.
(ii) The psycho-drive games are terrific because they can be driven by mental power.
(iii) Psycho-drive games means the games which can he played by mental power.
6. “The more futuristic they get the better you can understand the past”.
(i) Who is the speaker of the above line?
(ii) What are ‘they’?
(iii) What do you mean by ‘futuristic’?
Ans. (i) Michael
(ii) Computers.
(iii) Here it means very modern and unusual.
7. “He wasn’t like the other characters in the saloon. For a start, he was about my age and though he looked like a computer image, he somehow didn’t move like one.”
(i) Who is ‘he’?
(ii) Why was he not looking like other characters in saloon?
(iii) What do you mean by ‘saloon’?
Ans. (i) Sebastian Shultz.
(ii) He was not looking like other characters because he was not a computer image. He was a real character.
(iii) A Saloon is a place where alcoholic drinks are sold and drunk.
8. “‘My hero!’ she squealed. ‘Take me away from all this’. ‘Behind me I could hear the dragon roaring’.
(i) Who is the speaker?
(ii) Who is the hero and where is ‘he’?
(iii) What is the meaning of the word ‘roar’?
Ans. (i) Princess Aurora in the game is the speaker.
(ii) Michael is the hero in the game.
(iii) Roar means to make a loud noise.
9. “The boy had slipped and was tumbling back through the air, down to the concrete below”.
(i) Who is the ‘boy’?
(ii) Where is ‘he’?
(iii) What do you mean by the phrase ‘tumbling back’?
Ans. (i) Sebastian.
(ii) ‘He’ is in the game ‘Jailbreak’.
(iii) back’ means to fall with a rolling or bouncing movement,
10. “Now that there are two advanced intelligences on earth, who can Say what is and what isn’t possible”.
(i) Who are the two advanced intelligences?
(ii) Why are they called so?
(iii) What do you mean by ‘advanced intelligence’?
Ans. (i) Michael and Sebastian.
(ii) They are called so because they can say what is virtual and what is real.
(iii) Very knowledgeable.
Short Answer Type Questions
(30-40 words: 2×4=8 marks each)
I. Who was Sebastian Shultz? How did he meet with an accident?
Ans. Sebastian Shultz was a 14-year-old schoolboy from South London. He was badly injured in a motorway accident. His condition was critical. He was in coma and only some miracle could save him.
2. What did Michael and his father buy at the computer fair?
Ans. At the computer fair Michael and his father bought a virtual reality visor and glove and a new latest interactive psycho-drive game.
3. When did the first video game come to an end and with what?
Ans. Shultz appeared as the second sheriff and they were being followed by men on horseback in the game `WildWest’. There was gunshot and the second sheriff slumped on horseback, groaning. Michael had failed.
4. How did Michael enter Sebastian’s memory?
Ans. When Michael played the game, he entered Sebastian’s memorY, which was already plugged in the game played by him earlier.
5. Why does Michael find it difficult to believe newspaper report about Sebastian Shultz? veralas
Ans. He had got to know Sebastian Shultz very well and played se virtual games with him almost every day for almost a month, so it w impossible to believe that he had been in coma for six weeks.
6. How did Michael hit the jackpot and finally cracked the game?
Ans. In the game `Warzone’, Michael succeeded in saving Sebastian Shul.i2: He managed to pull him up into the helicopter, which soared into the, sky. Getting a score of 40,000,000 he had hit the jackpot and cracked the game.
7. Why did Michael feel bad at the close of ‘Jailbreak’ and how did he reconcile himself?
Ans. He could not save Sebastian Shultz. He had failed him and lost the game too. Later he reconciled to the fact that Sebastian was perhaps not real.
8. “We both knew that by reliving the accident, something wonderful has happened.” Why does narrator feel so?
Ans. Michael and Sebastian are two intelligent, like-minded beings who had got to know each other and had also helped each other. This is their hour of need. This is true friendship. They had become friends forever.
9. What kind of computer fascinated Michael and his dad? Why?
Ans. He had Pentium 150 MHz processor complete with RAM, CD ROM, speakers, printers, modem and scanner. He had all the games: Tornado, MC Babash Black Belt etc. He could not resist any of the new gadgets or gizmos that came to the market.
Long Answer Type Questions (80-100 words: 4 marks each)
1. What are psycho-drive games? Describe the four games played by Michael. Which one do you find most interesting and why?
Ans. Psycho-drive games are played with the mental power. There is an interaction between the man who plays them and the computer with a virtual reality visor and glove, we can bring about the change in what we see. Better still, the action can be controlled by our thoughts. They are immensely thrilling. In the story, Michael plays four psycho-drive games, one after the other. We are taken to the imaginary world of the ‘Wildwest’ and get to see the dusty towns, castles, dragons and dungeons. Plenty of action! Sebastian plays the second Sheriff in Wildwest’, the second knight in ‘Dragonquest’ a prisoner in Jail-break’ and a victim in Warzone’. The last game is the most interesting, as the actions of the two Sebastian and Michael are more organized and in coordination with each other. There is real thrill with the guns booming and the bombs exploding. They dodge everything unhurt and jump into a jeep parked by the side of the road. The tank crushes into the jeep. In time, they make It to the waiting helicopter which soars into the sky. Both are unhurt. Michael gets his reward. His score touches 40,000,000 and he wins the jackpot. He cracks the game saving Sebastian this time. In the end, they both communicate in reality and become friends forever. Sebastian asks Michael to keep the games as a token of love and gratitude, moreover he had earned them.
2. Describe the whole episode as Michael to your friend in a letter. Also, tell how he must have entered the psycho-drive games.
Ans. 10, Baker Street London
Dear William
How are you? I had a strange experience while playing these psycho-drive games and I wish to share it with you. Don’t you think it was strange that. Sebastian from the real outside world was inside the game, as one of the characters. I am boggled, how he could inter the games like `Wildwesr, ‘Dragon-quest’, Jail-break’ or ‘Warzone’. How could the real Sebastian play the role of the second Sheriff in ‘Wild-west’ and the second knight in ‘Dragonquest’. It is so puzzling that he met with an accident and remained in coma for such a long time. I have tried very hard to find some solutions that now seem to satisfy me. On checking my e-mail recently, I found a message from Sebastian, the real one. He has thanked me for saving his life and has asked me to meet him. He has given all those wonderful games to me, he feels I have earned them. I think, Sebastian was playing one of the games at the time of his accident. His memory was saved in the computer, he got plugged. The memory was probably stored on the discs, which were stolen from his house. They were later bought by my father at the computer fair. This is how I got to play the same games as Sebastian had been playing. I hope to meet him soon and I am also excited to think how interesting it would be. Do write to me.
Yours affectionately
3. `Everything that I’ve described is true virtually! says the narrator._ Even the title of the story is ‘Virtually True’. Justify the statement of the narrator and also the title of the Story.
Ans. Value Points:
• Science fiction
• Interactive psycho-drive games—based on concept of virtual reality
• Images created by computer
• Images seem to surround the person looking at them
• Person surrounded by images assumes them to be true
• Different games like `Wildwese, `Dragonquest’ etc.
• Michael tries to save Sebastian — character created by computer
• Sebastian plays the role of second knight, sir Sebastian
• Michael and Sebastian dodge guards
• Unable to save Sebastian
• Michael convinces himself that Sebastian was not real
• Finally saves Sebastian and wins jackpot
• Michael gets ‘real’ message from real Sebastian Shultz who had miraculous recovery. Thanks Michael. Allows him to keep the game.
• Narrator is trying to make us believe that Sebastian Shultz was plugged into the computer on which lie was playing psycho-drive games.
4. Describe how Sebastian must have entered the games in detail.
Ans. Value Points:
• When his head banged, the computer saved Sebastian memory into his own
• It was possible memory stored on disk
• They were bought by Michael and his dad at the computer fair
• Perhaps Sebastian was plugged into computer when he banged his head in an accident
• The computer had saved his memory in its own
• Possibly Sebastian’s memory had been stored on disks
• They ended up at computer fair
• Michael and his dad bought them disks from the fair
• By playing the weird versions—Michael retrieved that memory
• Thus Sebastian entered the games
Value-based Questions 80-100 words: 4 marks
1.How far can we allow ourselves to be taken by technology?
A natural and unassuming way of life can pave the way to happiness. Elaborate.
Enjoying the natural pleasures and being in communion with nature can give lasting happiness. Explain
Ans. Man’s quest for lasting happiness has been age old. He is always in starch for it. Along with the quest for spiritual solace, on the way, the technological advancements cannot be overlooked. Today technology has progressed to such an extent, it has overtaken every being in its fold from every side. But Man’s quest for peace and happiness is still on. How far one should allow oneself to be overtaken by technology and material aspect of life?
One has to develop his thinking in such a way that can draw a line, this far and not further. One must learn to harmonise and balance the two aspects; because both, spiritual and material are crucial for a wholesome personality.
Remaining in communion with nature is very important to nurture our spirit. Being ourselves, developing a natural lifestyle will help simplify and solve many problems of life.
Seeking artificial and unnatural ways for gratifying ourselves and our senses, seeking momentary pleasures, is robbing us of our mental, physical and spiritual health. Peace and prosperity, both are eluding man. He is seeking them outside. Little does he know, that both are within himself. He must learn to look for them inside, the inner realm in the kingdom, that can enrich our lives if only we understand it. Harmony between the two worlds, inner and outer, can only bring lasting peace and happiness for man. Here lies the solution for most of the problems we are faced with today.
Solved Questions from CBSE Literature Reader
1. Answer the following questions briefly.
(a) According to the newspaper, what had happened to Sebastian Shultz?
Ans. According to the newspaper, a fourteen-years-old boy, Sebastian Shultz from South London had miraculously come out of a coma, which the doctors feared might lost forever.
(b) ‘Dad’s nutty about computers.’ What evidence is there to support this statement?
Ans. Michael’s dad was crazy about computers, his obsession was such that he had all the latest computers—accessories as well as a computer that could perform a number of different things. The new gizmos and gadgets also had been purchased by him that came in the market.
(c) In what way did the second game seem very real?
Ans. lbe second game required the player to rescue a princess called Aurora from a wicked dragon, who had imprisoned her in a tall tower. The long plaits of the princess are chopped off and used for escape as a rope by Sebastian who appears as a knight in the game. Michael could even hear and feel the evil dragon’s nearness; he could even feel the smell of the dragon in his nostrils. Everything seemed very real.
(d) The last game has tanks, jeeps, helicopters, guns and headings. In which category would you put this and the other games?
Ans. The last game ‘Warzone’ has tanks, jeeps, helicopters guns etc. Warzone in a city, where there aretall buildings without windows and Machine-gun had a number of holes. fire filled the sky. Bombs were exploding. Michael had to save Sebastian in a helicopter. Sebastian was thrown out of his jeep, when the tank crashed into it. He is pulled up by Michael and the helicopter soars up in to the sky. Such games can be put under ‘Interactive Psycho-drive Games’.
(e) What was Michael’s theory about how Sebastian had entered the games?
Ans. According to Michael’s theory, Sebastian was using his laptop to play one of the same psycho-drive games that Michael had. Possibly, Sebastian’s memory had been saved in the computer. When he had banged his head on it during the accident and had entered the games.
2. Read these lines from the story. Then answer the questions. That was my idea’ said Sebastian excitedly. If only it would go a bit faster.
(1) Where was Sebastian when he spoke these words?
(2) What was his idea, and what was he referring to?
(3) Was the idea a good one, and did it eventually succeed? How?
Ans. (1) Sebastian was on the roof of the prison when lie spoke these words.
(2) His idea was that he could he rescued from there only by a helicopter and he was referring to a helicopter that was coming to their rescue.
(3) The idea was quite a good one but it did not succeed. Sebastian slipped and came tumbling down from the roof to the concrete below.
3. Answer the following questions briefly.
(a) Why did the news of the ‘miracle recovery’ shock Michael?
Ans. The news of the ‘miracle recovery’ shocked Michael as it was about a 14-year-old boy Sebastian Shultz from South London. He had come out of a coma that the doctors feared might last forever. When Michael saw the photograph of the boy, he recognized him as he had been with him in interactive psycho-drive games. If the boy had been in coma all these days then how could that be possible, he could not have a logical answer to it.
(b) Michael’s meeting with Sebastian Shultz had been a chance meeting. Where had it taken place and how?
Ans. Michael had been playing the game `Wildwese when he met Sebastian for the first time. He was portraying a sheriff and had been challenged for a duel by the fastest gun in the west, Black-Eyed Jed. As soon as
(a) Who is the writer of this message? Who is the message for?
Ans. The message is from Sebastian to Michael.
(b) What does ‘Jailbreak’ refer to?
Ans. ‘jailbreak’ refers to a psycho drive computer game.
(c) Does ‘it’ work? Why/Why not?
Ans. No, it does not work as the helicopter refused to move and the boy Sebastian fell down onto the concrete floor below. ‘The tall buildings were windowless and riddled with holes.’
(a) What place is the narrator describing?
Ans. The narrator is describing the virtual world inside the game, Warzone.
(b) What is he doing here?
Ans. He had come to rescue a boy who was trapped inside the computer.
(c) Is he successful? Why/Why not?
Ans. Yes, he is successful because the boy lands into the helicopter in the nick of time, as it is taking off with the narrator sitting inside it.
8. ‘They ended up at the Computer Fair. And we bought them.’
(a) Who is the speaker?
Ans. Michael is the speaker.
(b) What is he talking about?
Ans. He is talking about the psycho drive game CDs that had belonged to Sebastian and had ended up in the Computer Fair where he and his father had bought them.
(c) How had they landed there?
Ans. They had been stolen from the Shultz family and sold at the fair.
Type 9 Questions (Short Answers)
1. Why was the narrator attracted to the newspaper headline?
Ans. The narrator was attracted to the headline because he wanted to know whether the Sebastian Shultz mentioned in the article was the same person whom he had met earlier.
2. Why did the doctors feel that they needed a miracle?
Ans. Sebastian had been badly injured in a motorway accident and had gone into coma. His condition was described as critical though stable. The doctors did not know how to revive him. So they felt they needed a miracle for him to become normal again.
3. Why did the narrator gasp in amazement and feel nervous and shivery?
Ans. The narrator gasped because he could not understand how a boy he had come to know recently could be described as being in coma by the newspapers.
4. Why does the narrator say his father is ‘nutty’ about computers?
Ans. The narrator says so because his father had all the latest computer accessories as well as a computer which could do a variety of things. Also, he couldn’t resist the new gadgets and gizmos that came on the market.
5. Why does the narrator enjoy playing computer games?
Ans. The narrator enjoyed it because the big screen with the loud volume made him feel like he was inside the game, battling it out.
6. What are psycho-drive games?
Ans. They are games played with a virtual reality visor and glove, which have the ability to change what a person can see. They control the action in the game by their thoughts.
7. What was the Powerbase?
Ans. It was the loft which had been converted into their Computer Room and housed the computer, the screen, the printer and other accessories.
8. Describe the game called ‘Wildwest’.
Ans. It was a game that transported the player to the time of the Wild West in America when saloons existed and Sheriffs were law enforcers.
9. Why was the narrator surprised while playing the game Wildwest?
Ans. The narrator was surprised to see another Sheriff stride in, who was about his age, but did not look like a computer image.
10. Describe the game ‘Dragonquest’.
Ans. The game required the player to rescue a princess called Aurora from a wicked dragon and collect its treasure along the way. The princess who had been imprisoned in a tall tower was a young woman with long golden plaits.
11. How was the game Dragonquest different now than from the first time the narrator had played it?

Ans. Instead of the princess, it was Sebastian disguised as a knight who was rescued. The princess’ long plaits were chopped off by Sebastian and used as a rope to escape from the dragon’s tower.
12. Why was the game ‘Jailbreak’ important to the narrator?
Ans. It was important because it was a game suggested by Shultz, which the narrator had to play in the hope of rescuing him from the trap he had got into while playing on the computer.
13. Why did the narrator feel bad on seeing the empty printer tray after playing Jailbreak?
Ans. The narrator felt bad because there was no further message from Sebastian and the narrator felt that he had failed him.
14. How did Sebastian find his way into the helicopter?
Ans. The force caused by the impact of the tank against the jeep threw Sebastian out of the jeep onto the hatch of the helicopter, from where he was pulled in by the narrator.
15. What was the significance of the narrator scoring the number 40,000,000?
Ans. It meant that the narrator had hit the jackpot and won the game.
16. What were the questions that troubled the narrator after he finally saved Sebastian?
Ans. First, the narrator wondered how the computer had saved Sebastian’s memory inside it and second, how he had been led to play the weird version of the games with Sebastian.
17. What explanation did the narrator find for the weird games he had played with Sebastian?
Ans. According to the narrator, Sebastian’s memory had somehow got stored in the disk containing the games. These disks had been stolen from the Shultz’ house and they had found their way to the Computer Fair from where the narrator’s father had bought them for him.
18. Pick out the literary device in the last line of the lesson. Identify it and explain it.
Ans. The literary device is the unusual collocation of the words ‘true-virtually’. It is an oxymoron. It expresses the fact that the experience of the narrator with the computer games was very realistic even though it was not really true.
19. According to the newspaper, what had happened to Sebastian Shultz?
Ans. According to the newspaper, a 14-year-old, Sebastian Shultz who had been in coma for six weeks, had recovered miraculously.
20. The games can be put under what category?
Ans. The games can be categorised as psycho-drive.
21. What was Michael’s theory about how Sebastian had entered the games?
Ans. Michael felt that Sebastian’s memory had been saved in the computer when he had banged his head on it during the accident and had entered the games.
22. What kind of computers fascinated Michael and his dad? Why?
Ans. They were fascinated by the Pentium Mhz processor with 256 RAM, a 1.2 GB hard drive and 167 speed CD Rom. It could do anything–play, paint, play music, create displays, etc.
23. Why did the news of the miracle recovery shock Michael?
Ans. It shocked Michael because according to the report, Sebastian had been in coma for the past six weeks, yet during this time had appeared in Michael’s games and asked him for his help in escaping from one game or the other that were stored inside the CD.
24. Where and how did Michael’s meeting with Sebastian take place?
Ans. The meeting took place inside the game ‘Wildwest’ when Sebastian had entered the game as the second Sheriff and asked Michael to follow him.
25. Describe the first place where Michael was virtually transported.
Ans. Michael was transported into a dusty town in the Wild West, into a saloon filled with hostile looking men.
26. What help did Sebastian Shultz ask Michael for? How did he convey his message?
Ans. Sebastian told Michael that he was stuck inside the computer and asked him to rescue him by trying to play the game ‘Dragonquest’. He sent the message through the printer.
27. Why did Michael fail in rescuing Sebastian Shultz the first time?
Ans. Michael failed because the game ended and Shultz appeared to have been shot by the men following them in the game ‘Wildwest’.
28. The second attempt to rescue Sebastian, too, was disastrous. Give reasons.
Ans. In the second attempt, Michael found himself having to rescue Aurora the fair princess from a fire-breathing dragon. Though Sebastian once again tried, he was not quick enough to escape from the clutches of the dragon.
Type 10 Questions (Long Answers)
1. Michael writes a letter to Sebastian, expressing his happiness at his recovery and wondering at the adventures they seemed to have experienced during their journey through virtual reality.
14 March, 20xx
Dear Sebastian,
It is great to hear about your recovery. A very strange experience is shared by us together. I could never imagine that such adventure is possible. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of narrow escapes and the final rescue. I am still not sure how your memory got trapped in the computer. This incident is not easy for everyone to believe. We must meet in real life.
2. Sebastian replies to a letter Michael wrote where he had congratulated him on his recovery. Sebastian writes back, thanking him for his role in helping him escape from the weird situation he found himself in. Write the letter.
24 March, 20xx
Dear Michael,
Thank you for your good wishes. I owe my life to you. I would have continued to stay trapped in the game if you had not responded to my pleas. We had so many narrow shaves. I had given up hope of returning to the real world. It was your help that pulled me through. I still can’t believe the experiences that we had in the virtual world.
3, A reporter friend of Michael’s learns of the adventure Michael and Sebastian have experienced in the virtual world. He decides to write an article in the newspaper under the heading ‘Virtual World—A Reality?’ Virtual World–A Reality?
22 April, 20xx
It is surprising to hear about the strange news of a boy trapped in virtual world. Here technology is shown as gaining an upper hand over humanity. Sebastian a young boy of fourteen hits his head on his laptop in an accident. His memory gets stored in the computer. The psycho-drive games played by Michael hold the key to these strange occurrences and can lead to the final escape.
4. Michael’s father learns of his son’s escapade and decides to send the games back to the shop. Write the letter giving details why you feel the games are dangerous for young children.
I had bought these games from the stall at the Computer Fair but now I want to return the games as I think them to be unsuitable for young children. It should have an age limit specified on the labels as the kids get too involved as the virtual becomes real for them. They lose track of reality and the games are too violent and stressful as the boundaries between virtual and real are less defined and kids believe what they see.
5. Write a debate on ‘Computer games are dangerous’.
For: They seem harmless fun, but are actually a hidden danger as it involves people in a world that is not real. Children get attracted to these violent games and they forget about reality. It affects their social skills and creates behavioural problems. Newer technology makes such games unpredictable, causing unknown harm and even long term side-effects. Against: The world has changed and the games have always been a way of developing skills. In a changing, digital world, new digital games actually prepares you for the world and it helps you develop complex problem solving abilities. It gives a taste of harmless adventure with no danger involved.
Value Based Question
1. Willpower and determination bring success against all odds. Comment with reference to ‘Virtually True’.
Ans. The story ‘Virtually True’ teaches us the lesson of perseverance. It shows us how will power and determination helps an individual achieve what he strives for. Sebastian Shultz, who is very fond of virtual games, meets with an accident while playing one of his games. His head bangs against his seat and he loses consciousness but his memory gets automatically saved in the game drive. Doctors inform his father that Sebastian has gone into coma. Michael, buys Sebastian’s games from the computer fair. When Michael starts the game on his computer Sebastian’s memory stars to work and he asks Michael to help him retrieve his memory. Michael tries to help him in the games—Wild-West Guns, Dragonquest and jailbreak but he fails. But at last, in the game Warzone he gets success, and rescues Sebastian Shultz. Thus, his perseverance helps him succeed in his endeavour.
Answer the following questions briefly.
1. (a) According to the newspaper, what had happened to Sebastian Shultz?
Ans : Sebastian Shultz, a 14-year-old boy was badly injured in a motorway accident. He had gone into a coma and and he was taking a lot of time to regain consciousness.
(b) ‘Dad’s nutty about computers.’ What evidence is there to support this statement?
Ans : The narrator’s father was most crazy for computer for he bought a lot of such things at the Computer Fair. He bought a Pentium Processor, a Ram, 1.2 GB hard disk and 16 speed CD ROMs, with speakers, printer, modem and a scanner.
(c) In what way did the second game seem very real?
Ans : The second game was more thrilling called DRAGON QUEST. The narrator felt that he was really walking in the Dragon’s castle which they were being pursued by the dragon, the narrator felt it was like a real chase and even felt the dragon’s hot breath on his face.
(d) What was Michael’s theory about how Sebastian had entered the games?
Ans : Michael believed that Sebatian had been plugged into the computer when he banged his head in the accident, the computer had saved his memory in its own. These games were stolen from the hospital and Michael had purchased them in the Computer Fair.
(e) Why did the news of the ‘miracle recovery’ shook Michael?
Ans : Michael was surprised to read in the newspaper that Sebastian Shultz had awakened from a coma that the doctors feared might last forever. He was shocked to see Sebastian’s photo also. If Sebastian had been in coma throughout, then how was it possible for him to play computer games with Michael.
(f) Michael’s meeting with Sebastian had been a chance meeting where had it taken place and how?
Ans : Michael was playing a game called Wildwest, and he was playing the Sheriff. There was an alternation with Black-eyed Jed and he was going to meet him out of the saloon. Before he could go, he saw another Sheriff, very different from the other computer images. Later he discovered it had been Sebastian Shultz.
(g) What kind t f computers fascinated Michael tub his dad? Why?
Ans : Both Michael and his father were obsessed about the latest type of computers, complete with speaker, and everything. They liked the latest gizmos that can in the market, specially the latest interactive psychote games.
(h) Describe the first place where Michael was virtually transported?
Ans : While playing Wildwest, Michael felt that he was not standing in the powerbase but was transposed down the dusty track to the centre of town. A Sheriff’s badge was pinned to his shirt and he entered a saloon where everyone glared at the narrator. There he had a filly drink and he was challenged by Black-Eyed Jed, the fastest game in the world.
(i) What help did Sebastian Shultz ask Michael for? How did he convey the message?
Ans : Sebastian Shultz had sent a message through the printer saying that he is stuck and Michael should try to retrieve him. And that could be done through the game DRAGON QUEST.
(j) Why did Michaelc fail in rescuing Sebastian Shultz in the first time?
Ans : Michael had followed Sebastian through the chase and they ended up in the saloon. Then Sebastian dived out and both were sitting on the horseback, chased by men on horseback. Sebastian told Michael to keep his head down but he himself was shot by a bullet and slumped back near him. Before Michael could do anything the game got over.
(k) The second attempt to rescue Sebastian Shultz too was disastrous. Why?
Ans : The second time Michael was playing DRAGON QUEST and both he and Sebastian were knights trying to save a princess from the dragon’s castle. TheY both had barely got away when they were chased by the dragon himself. They passed secret passages, dungeons!'” the dragon obstructed their path and attacked Sehlistil, Michael swung his sword but Sebastian was the target ‘ the dragon’s fury, so before he could mediate further. ine game was over.
(L) Narrate the incident that injured Sebastian.
Ans : It happened in WARZONE, where both sebostian and Michael were trying to escape a city which was exploding with machine-guns and bombs. They jumped into a jeep and Michael managed to get into a helicopter but Sebastian couldn’t get out of the jeep. The jeep had clashed with a tank and Sebastian landed on the ground injured.
(m) How was Sebastian aultz’s memory stored on Michaels disk? How did Michael discover it?
Ans : When Sebastian had met with an accident, the computer had saved his memory as its own. Michael discovered later that the games disk had got stolen in the hospital and he had ended up buying those computer games.
1. Michael can not get over this miracle and his involvement in saving Sebastian’s life. The playing of games and effort to help Sebastian has taken a toll on his health and emotions. After a gap of time, Michael writes a letter to his friend, reliving this experience.
Ans : 42, Chelmford Street Chennai 10, July, 20 XX Dear Peter, I wanted to write earlier but was not in a state of mind to relate a miracle that took place in my life. We have read often of imaginary experiences that obliterate or penetrate reality but you will be surprised to know that I had also got involved in it. Get ready for some shockers! You are also a wizkid at computer games, so brother get ready for some explosive action! Put on your visor! One day, while travelling in the train, I read about a 14-year-old boy. Sebastian Shultz, who had been injured in an accident and gone into coma. After looking at the picture, the earth beneath me started shaking. Now hear it out. Some time back I was playing WILDWEST,0020donning a Sheriff’s badge and getting ready for some gala action with Black-Eyed Jed when another Sheriff entered, looking strangely different and changed the course after game. He was shot down during a chase in the end. Then the game got over and I was surprised to see a message by Sebastian that he’s stuck and to retrieve him, I must try DRAGONQUEST. In this game also he became the second knight with me and was again attacked by the Dragon. Again a personal message by Sebastian was a frantic call for help, telling me not to give up and try JAILBREAK. I tried again but Sebastian again fell down. I had constantly failed him again and again and felt very depressed. The last call again gave me hope. This time Sebastian suggested that I must try WARZONE and there had to be some kind of accident. A similar thing happened in the game and Sebastian met with an accident. The game had got over I had scored 40,000,000. Lo! Can you believe it! I had cracked the game. Later I discovered that Sebastian had recovered. I vowed to solve this mystery. Peter you’d never believe that such things can happen. When Sebastian had an accident he had been plugged into the computer and the computer saved his memory as its own. These games were stored on the disk and got stolen. I bought those games at the Computer Fair. Imagine two boys, so far, came so near, in an unspeakable bond. And to your friend goes the credit of saving Sebastian, though not consciously. Is it reality? Was that miracle, a fantasy? I don’t know but it happened to me. Do write your reaction.
Your friend

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