Ch- 12 Song of the Rain (NCERT .sol)

By | November 19, 2016

                       Song of the Rain (By Kahlil Gibran)
Page No: 91

4. On the basis of your understanding of the poem, answer the following questions by ticking the correct choice.

(a) The rain calls itself the ‘dotted silver threads’ as_________.
(i) the shimmering drops fall one after the other (ii) it ties heaven and earth
(iii) it dots the earth with shimmering water (iv) it decorates the fields
Answer(i) the shimmering drops fall one after the other

(b) The tone and mood of the rain in the poem reflect its_________.
(i) love for the earth (ii) desire to take revenge
(iii) merriment as it destroys (iv) desire to look beautiful
Answer – (i) love for the earth

Answer the following questions-
(a) Why is the rain divine?
Answer- The rain says itself to be divine because it comes down from heaven. It is plucked from the crown of goddess ‘Ishtar ’It is a life-giving force that spreads and smiles everywhere.

(b) In this universe, rain performs many functions. What are those?
AnswerThe functions which are performed by rain are:
It produces sweet music as it beats against windows and the leaves of trees.

It fills every heart with joy.
Rain quenches the thirst of fields.
It fills fields and valleys with a new life.

(c) “When I cry the hills laugh;
When I humble myself the flowers rejoice;
When I bow, all things are elated.”
Cry, humble and bow indicate different intensity with which the rain falls. Explain the three in context.
‘Cry’ indicates that rain falls heavily on the hills.
‘Humble’ indicates that rain falls gently and softly
‘Bow’ indicates sprinkle of rain.

Page No: 92
(d) How do you think the rain quenches the thirst of the fields and cures clouds ailment?
Answer – When the rain falls it quenches the thirst of fields. The dry fields only wait for the rain. The rain cures the aliment of clouds. It means the heavy clouds feel sickly and want to reduce their burden. Only rain, males clouds light float in the sky freely.

(e) Think about million little ways in which the rain embraces the trees. Mention a few of them.
Answer- The rain embraces the trees when the showers or millions of drops fall on them. The showers fall on the trees and go deep into their roots. Even, rivers, lakes and drains carry rain water that reaches plants and trees.

(f) “…All can hear, but only
The sensitive can understand”
What does the poet want to convey?
Answer – According to the poet, in order to enjoy the beauty of rain one must be sensitive, otherwise natural beauty is everywhere it is only sensitive who can enjoy it.

(g) (i) Notice the imagery built around ‘sigh of the sea’, ‘laughter of the field’ and ‘tears of heaven’. Explain the three expressions in context of rain.
Answer- The poet has used vivid imagery throughout the poem to express the moods and nature of the Rain.When the poet calls the Rain “sigh of the sea”, there is an expression of relief The poet calls the Rain “a laughter of the field” because when it rains the fields are nourished and it is a sign that there will be fertility. The Rain is also called “tears of heaven” as when those silver threads come down from the heaven , it feels a sense of separation from the heaven.

(ii) How would you express rain as − an agent of floods?
AnswerAn agent of floods- When there are heavy rains, especially during rainy season, the rivers overflow and break their boundaries, there is water logging and the areas below the sea level are submerged causing floods.

− a source of water for dams?
AnswerA source of water for dams- Rains cause to fill dams with water, rain acts as tributaries to a river. Thus, the more tributaries a river has, the more water it will carry. Thus, the dam on the river will have a sufficient amount of water.

(h) “I am like earthly life … “
Why does the poet call rain as earthly life?
Answer – Earthly life means a temporary life. Everything whatever on the earth is born has to die, so does rain

(i) Explain the ending of the song.
AnswerAt the end of the poem, the rain declares affectionately that it is the sigh of the deep sea, the laughter of the colourful fields and the tears of the sky. Thus the song ends with rain being filled with emotion and crying with endless memories that it has experienced during one cyale.

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