5. Letter of Inquiry Regarding : Badminton Rackets

By | May 10, 2019

Writing a letter of enquiry is very common these days. So we are providing you with a letter of inquiry format so that you may inquire about different things and services. We shall give you some letter of inquiry for Badminton Rackets which is written to the company. This can be used as an inquiry email. So go through this letter of inquiry sample and enrich yourself.

Letter of enquiry to a company, asking for information about one of their products. Invent all necessary names etc.


Friends Club,

 Lodhi Garden,

New Delhi-110003.


 Diamond Sports Co.,

14, Lawrence Road,


Subject: Badminton Rackets

 Dear sir,

Our Sports Club wants to purchase a few badminton rackets. I understand that these are manufactured by your firm.

I visited a couple of showrooms to have a better idea of its price and features. What came in as a surprise was that it is not available in this city as yet. As you might understand that I am really excited about your brand, more so because we have a match to participate and I would love to try this out the same.

I should be pleased to receive the particulars of the varieties produced by you, their prices and the term of trade and delivery conditions.

Yours faithfully,

N. Bhalla,


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