Read the poem carefully

Once there were two magnificent towers,

Where lived and worked so many of ours.

It took seven long years to build them straight

They stood near the Empire State.

This event happened on the eleventh of September,

It’s an occurrence that generations will remember.

Because thousands of people have died,

Not only of the US, but the world’s pride.

Everyone saw with awe and fright,

Twin towers crash in broad daylight.

None quite knows what will happen now,

When ? Where ? And how?

May God give wisdom to those,

Who are devils in gentlemen’s pose.

Now let us all remove hatred and vice,

And let the world be happy and nice.

On the basis of your reading of the above poem, choose the correct option from the ones given. Write the correct option in your answer sheet:

(a) The title implies that the poem is about __________

(i) a day in the month of September

(ii) & tragedy that occurred on the 11th of September

(iii) the importance of number eleven

(iv) the wonderful events of the month of September

(b) The pronoun ‘them’ in the third line refers to __________

(i) people                                                       (ii) Empire State building

(iii) towers                                                    (iv) seven years

 (c) The expression ‘Who are devils in gentlemen’s pose’ can be replaced by

(i) dogs which look like cats                        (ii) snakes in the grass

(iii) horses with zebra stripes                     (iv) wolves in lambs’ clothing

(d) What can we infer from this line – ‘None quite knows what will happen now’?

(i) The future appears certain.

(ii) No one knows about the twin towers.

(iii) We must be prepared for everything.

(iv) None knows about what is to come.

(e) It took _________ years to build the twin towers.

(i) three                                                         (ii) seven

(iii) many                                                     (iv) a few

F) The incident is _________

(i) unforgettable                                          (ii) forgettable

(iii) trivial                                                       (iv) jocular

(g) The word ‘magnificent’ means _________

(i) splendid                                                   (ii) unattractive

(iii) sufficient                                                (iv) efficient


(a) (ii)              (b) (iii)                   (c) (iv)                  (d) (iv)                  (e) (ii)                    (f) (i)                (g) (i)