Class-9 Unseen Poem-9 LETTER FROM A PARENT (Unsolved)

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Dear Sir,

I feel I ought to write About Tom’s essay-work last night.

Of all the subjects you have set

This seemed the most unwise yet.

“Describe your family”… Tom wrote it,

So well, I just had to stop it

Being handed in; – so did my wife.

The details of our family life

 Are not such a kind, alas,

That I should want them to read in class :

We did not wish the High School staff

 To read them for a-lunch-hour-laugh.

We tore it out. I realize

You may think what we did unwise—

But give it your consideration

And please accept my explanation.

I trust you will not blame my son,

For, after all, the work was done.

                                                                 Yours truly

                                                                    Harold Honeybun

 Answer the following questions that follow-

(a) Why does the father forbid his son to submit the essay to his teacher?

(b) What would submitting the essay to the teacher cause the staff too?

(c) According to the poet who is the persons to be blamed for Tom not submitting his essay?

(d)  According to his father, Tom should be pardoned. Why?

(e)  To whom he has the letter been written?

(f)  Pick out a phrase from the poem that tells us that the parent pleads with the teacher to excuse his son.

(g) What is the tone of the poem?

(h) What moral and practical message does the poem convey?

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