Class 8 Passage-38 TELESCOPE (150 Words Subjective Solved)

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Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:                          

A telescope is the main tool of the modem astronomer to study stars and other celestial objects. Telescopes are the arrangement of lenses and mirrors which make objects look closer than they really are. However, even with the biggest telescope, a star looks like only a point of light through this light carries very useful information about the star. The light waves can reveal the make-up of the star and how hot the star is. A telescope also receives the whole range of radiations like radio waves and x-rays given out by a star. Astronomers do not see through the telescope. Instead, they use them as big cameras to take photographs of the night sky. Telescopes use curved mirrors to collect the light. The largest telescopes have mirrors six metres across. Astronomers use two main kinds of telescopes. They differ in the way they collect and focus the light from the stars. A reflector is a kind of telescope that uses mirrors and the refractor is a kind of telescope that uses lenses.                                            

(a) What is the use of a telescope to an astronomer?
(b) What is a telescope?
(c) What information about a star can be revealed by the light waves coming from it?
(d) Name two tools used by astronomers.                                                                                             


(a) (i) To study stars.
(ii) To study celestial bodies.

(b) A telescope is a tool which makes objects look closer than they really are.

 (c) (i) The makeup of the star.
(ii) The heat of the star.

(d)telescopes, cameras.

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