Class 8 Passage-32 Dealing with the Bear (200 Words Subjective Solved)

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Dealing with the Bear

The courtyard was utterly empty; but from the ladies,’ chamber came the shrieks and the shouts, not only of women but of men; and knocking at the chamber door, adding her screams to those inside, was a little white figure. They had barred themselves inside, leaving the child out; and now they dared not open the door, as the bear swung and rolled towards it, looking savagely right and left for a fresh victim
Hereward leapt from his horse, and drawing his sword, rushed forward with a shout which made the bear turn round. He looked once back at the child, then round again at Hereward; and making up his mind to take the largest morsel first, made straight at him with a growl. He was within two paces, then he rose on his hind legs ahead and shoulders taller than Here ward and lifted the iron paws high in the air. Hereward knew that there was but one spot at which to strike: and he struck true and strong, before the iron paw could fall, right on the muzzle of the beast.


(a) Who was inside the ladies’ chamber?
(b) Why was the little child not taken in?
(c) Which actions of Hereward show that he wasted no time in dealing with the bear?
(d) How can you tell that the bear hesitated for a short while?
(e) Whom did he finally decide to attack?
(f) Which word in the passage means the same as ‘completely’?


(a) The men, as well as the women, were inside the ladies’ chamber.
(b) They had barred themselves inside and were now frightened to open the door as the bear rolled towards it.
(c) Hereward leapt from his horse, drew his sword and rushed forward towards the bear with a shout.
(d) He looked once back at the little child and then round again at Hereward.
(e) He finally decided to attack Hereward.
(f) Utterly.

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