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Machines have, in fact, become the slaves of modern life. They do more and more work that human beings did in the past. Think for a moment of the extent to which machines do work for you. You wake perhaps to the alarm of the clock or mobile. You glance at the machine by the bedside to make sure of the time. You wash in water brought to you by the aid of the machinery. You eat your breakfast cooked by machinery, go to school using some it-Whine or the other and if you are in a very modem institute, enjoy TV or have a computer at your disposal and a mobile to chat with your friends. So dependent have men become on the machines that a writer imagines a time when machines will have acquired a will of their own and become the masters of men, thought to be his slaves so far.


(a) What do machines do for us?

(b) How does a student studying in a modem- institute enjoy himself or herself?

(c) What does the writer think about machines?

(d) Do you agree that the machines have become the slaves of modem life?

(e) In what case Machines become the masters of men?

 (f) Suggest a suitable title for the passage.


(a) They do more and more work for us.

(b) A student studying in a modern institution enjoys himself or herself having a computer or TV at his/her disposal.

(c) The writer thinks that machines will soon become masters of men.

(d) No, I don’t agree with this statement.

(e) Machines become the masters of men when they become too dependent on them.

(f) “Man and Machines”.

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