Good Manners

By | March 5, 2017

Good Manners

Good manners are not inherited. And they don’t come naturally to intelligent people. They have to be learnt and practised. They are based upon the concept of consideration for others. They are easy to acquire and there is nothing more profitable. Good manners are a necessary complement in every walk of life, especially in business. Organisations with competent and well-mannered representatives enjoy a good reputation.T he morale productivity and profits of such an organization will be high. And this, in turn, will attract more business. There is no particular place or time when a person should show or begin his elementary courtesy. Courtesy, etiquette and manners are tools that one should always carry with oneself, wherever one goes. The first step to success in life is treating others as courteously as we would wish others to treat us.

 Questions :

(a) What is meant by good manners?

(b) How are good manners acquired?

(c) In what fields are good manners needed?

(d) How is a business organisation profited if it has well-mannered staff?

(e) Where should we observe courtesy?

(f) What is the first step for success in life? 


(a) Good manners mean courtesies of life.

(b) Good manners are acquired by learning and practising.

(c) Good manners are needed in every field of life.

(d) Such a business organisation will enjoy a good reputation.

(e) We should observe courtesy wherever we go.

(f) Treating others courteously is the first step for success in life.

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