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Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow                      

        Education is no longer restricted to bookish knowledge and four walls of schools, colleges and universities. Apart from the activities in the classrooms, laboratories and libraries a student has an opportunity to find out and express his hidden potential in the form of various extracurricular activities. Youth festivals are the best platforms for such activities.

   It is essential for all round development of a student that he should participate in one or the other activity. There are many extracurricular activities some of then are declamation, debate, histrionics, mimicry, painting, music, dance, singing poetical recitation etc.

      Mere classroom studies make it boring and monotonous and students need some outlet for their energies. They need opportunities and for entertainment also. Youth festivals are the spice of academic life. When students prepare for various items, they have a sense of achievement, a sense of doing something useful. Preparing the stage for the show, receiving the guest artists from other institutions and looking after them inculcate in them a sense of responsibility, co-operation and tolerance.

   As the competitions of these youth festivals are organised among students of almost the same age, they get rid of stage phobia. They no longer feel shy of the audience and the stage. They learn to face an audience.

           Youth festivals ate the best means to search the talent among the youth. These budding artists will become the singers, actors and orators of tomorrow. Youth festivals prove to be the stepping stones for the future real life. The absence of youth festivals makes student life insipid and boring. As such, students take to subversive activities. If they remain busy in preparing for competition in youth festivals their time is used in a productive and fruitful way.

(1).- Education is not merely –

 A..-theoretical but also practical                     B.-useful in learning and  teaching both

C.-entertaining but instructive also                D. job giver but also an entertainer.

(2).- ……….. are  essential for the development of a student’s personality : and happiness                                      B. teaching and learning

C.extra curricular activities                               D.-recreational activities

(3).- Youth festivals produce ……… among the students.

A.a sense of competition                                  B.-a sense of co-existence

C.-a sense of cooperation                              D.- confidence

(4).- Youth festivals prepare the future –

   A.-leaders politicians                                    B.-singers, actors and orators.

   C.diplomats and politicians.                      D.-teachers and researchers.

(5).-Find out the word from the passage which means the same ‘abnormal fear’:

A.budding                                                         B. participate.

C.restricted                                                       D.phobia

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