Class-8 11. Speech Writing : Corporal Punishment

By | February 12, 2019

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How to enforce strict discipline is a great problem. The absence of fear has worsened the situation. Corporal punishment is looked down upon. Write your views on punishment as a corrective measure to be expressed in the morning assembly of your school.

Ans. Respected Sirs and Friends,

 My topic is ‘corporal punishment’ —to be or not to be. Discipline is altogether needed to run our life smoothly. But we have no established methods to enforce it. So far we have been using the ‘trials and errors’ method.

 Psychologists frown when the rod is used to enforce discipline. Sociologists tilt eyebrows when erring students are shown fear. Then where lies the solution? Don’t you favour corporal punishment for bullies? But when your turn comes you raise a hue and cry. Corporal punishment as a corrective measure has produced good results.

Corporal punishment is inhuman, insulting and it crushes initiative and innocence. A healthy relationship between the teacher and the taught is advocated. But we are not angels. Don’t you slap your sister when she is adamant? If no corporal punishment, there must be some punishment. Fines, detention and summons to the parents are corrective measures. Idea is, fear must be retained and it is the best corrective measure. Thanks.

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