Class-8 10. Speech Writing : Courteous Behaviour

By | February 12, 2019

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We like that everybody should behave courteously but we forget to conclude ourselves in the list of well-behaved persons. We have a licence to behave as per our whims. Courteous behaviour is considered a sign of weakness. Write a speech on the topic of Courteous Behaviour’ to be made In your school hall.

Ans. Respected teachers and dear friends,

My topic focuses on ‘Courteous Behaviour’. Courteous behaviour means the observance of etiquettes and good manners. We want courteous behaviour from others but want the freedom to behave in any way. How strange it is!

 Etiquettes and good manners cost you nothing. They are polite expressions which oil the machinery of life. Humility, civility and modesty are the pillars of good behaviour. Education is meaningless if it fails to inculcate manners. Dear friends, please tell me how many of us wish our parents at dawn. Don’t we ignore the teachers who do not teach us?

 Don’t we rag our juniors and boss over them? Don’t we call them bad names on a slight provocation? Look into your heart, you will get the answer.

 The dividend of polite expressions is great. Be courteous but do not show off. Don’t pose.

Be yourself and be genuine. Good manners are spontaneous. Do you want education to go useless? If not, be courteous and spread good manners. The world would be better. Thanks.

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