Class-4 Passage-1 FRENCHMAN (200 Words objective unsolved)

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Following are the reading comprehension worksheets for class 4th in English These comprehension passages are known by many names as reading comprehension exercises, reading comprehension test, reading passages, reading skills, reading comprehension, ks2 reading , basic reading skills worksheets.  These ENGLISH short stories with questions and answers are printable and absolutely free. The  comprehension questions are value based. guarantees to be the best comprehension resource. Question types include subjective, objective and multiple choice  


Read the following passage and answer the following question                                                                        

Jules Verne was a Frenchman who was born in 1828. He was not an inventor and hew was not a scientist, but he read a great many books on science. He had very strong imagination and he loved adventures although he did not have many great adventures himself. He wrote a number of electing books about the things which he thought that scientists and inventors would one day be able to do, At that time his stories seemed like fairy tales.

      Many of Jules Jerne’s attempts to look into the future, however, were surprisingly. One of his look was called ‘From Earth to Moon’, In this three men and a dog made a journey around his moon they did this in a hollow ‘Ship’ fired from a gun. After going around the Moon, they returned to earth and splashed down into the sea not far from where the first real Moon travelers landed in July, 1969 about a hundred years later.

      Jules Verne’s most famous book is ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues under the sea’. Jules Verne died in 1905. When he was seventy seven. Many years later, explores really did go it the Moon and one part of the Moon was given Jules Verne’s name.

Q.1) Who was Jules Vern

(a) inventor  (b) scientist           (c) writer


Q.2)Three men and a dog made a journey around the Moon in a book.

(a) From earth to Moon  

(b) Around the world in eighty days

(c) Twenty Thousand Leagues under the sea


Q.3) Verne’s stories were like

(a) adventure     (b) fairy tales    (c) imagination


Q.4) How did the three men and a dog made journey around the moon.

(a) Through a sea   (b) Space Ship   (c) In a hollow ‘ship’


Q.5) When did the first real Moon travelers landed on Moon.

(a) 1828   (b) 1905   (c) 1969


Q.6) Who given the name of Jules Verne

(a) one part of Moon   (b) book   (c) A dog


Q.7) When did Verne die ?

(a) 1905   (b) 1969   (c) 1905

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