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Read the given passage carefully :
Bad breath, medically known as halitosis, is an embarrassing problem. not only for the patient but also for those around him. It gives rise to an inferiority complex and self- consciousness. The common oral causes of bad breath are decayed teeth, inflammation of the gums, inflammation or ulceration of the mouth and tongue, pyorrhoea or putrid material in the tonsils, smoking and fever, irregular and improper brushing and high sweet diet also cause bad breath. It is necessary to have a regular dental checkup to prevent the formation of plaque, a sticky film produced by bacteria, which irritates the gums, making them spongy and liable to bleed.


1. Visit your dentist regularly for scaling (removal of the plaque).

2. Brush your teeth regularly after meals.

3. Rinse mouth with antiseptic lotion or salt water.
4. Eat fewer sweets and rinse mouth after you eat sweets.

5. In the case of tartar formation, dental flossing helps to remove food particles and prevents building up of plaque.

6. In the case of spongy gums, which bleed, foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits, amla, tomatoes, sweet lime and tamarind must be taken.


1. For very strong bad breath caused by spongy gums or decayed teeth, and characterised by increased salivation and a thick, flabby tongue which has a deep imprint of the teeth, five pills of Mere Sol should be taken twice a day for a few weeks. If an injury of the gums or teeth gives rise to bad

2. breath and the mouth feels dry, Arnica three times daily for a few days is helpful. If bad breath results from pyorrhea, where the teeth are sensitive and the gums are retracted and bleed daily. two doses of a medicine prepared from vegetable charcoal every day for a few weeks is beneficial. In case of putrid breath with soft, spongy and easily bleeding gums, a few doses of nitric acid is useful. It may be necessary to repeat it weekly for a few months. Twenty drops of Saliva Official is taken in a glass of water and gargled two or three times a day is an excellent mouthwash. —

On the basis of your reading of the passage. answer the following questions as briefly as possible. Write your answers in the space provided.
(a) Bad breath is an embarrassing condition which makes the patient feel :
(b) What irritates the gums and makes them spongy and liable to bleed?
(c) According to the passage. there are two things you must not do in order to avoid bad breath. You must not :
(d) Citrus fruits are good for treating spongy. bleeding gums because of they :

Answers : (a) inferior or self-conscious.

(b) Plaque irritates the gums and makes them spongy and liable to bleed.

(c) eat too much of sweets, smoke.

(d) are rich in vitamin C.

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