Class-10 Passage-106 HIGHER EDUCATION (250 Words Objective Unsolved)

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Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow –

Several arguments have been advanced by supporters of the propositions that higher education in India should not be open to all. In the first place, they maintain, making higher education open to all leads to the deterioration of standards of education. There is a steady decline in the educational standards in India. A graduate of the times when higher educational facilities were available to a selected few, had the much higher standard than the graduate of today. The reason is that every Tom, Dick and Harry has not the capacity and ability to comprehend higher truths of life which higher education seeks to discover. Even in ancient India, Taxila and Nalanda Universities had very rigid and stringent rules regarding admission of students. Students seeking admission in these universities had to pass several tough tests before he could be allowed admission in them. By these rigid rules and regulations, these universities maintained one of the highest standards of teaching and learning in the world. The graduates of these universities were the very glass and essence of humanity, whose scholarship evoked admiration of the mightiest and wisest of rules of those times. Great sanctity was therefore attached to these temples of higher learning. Higher education in India at present finds itself in a mess. There is nothing like standards. Things have come to such a pass that one who is adept in cooling and cheating can easily pass higher examinations. Efforts have been made to prevent the students from indulging in unfair practices but to no avail.

 1.If we make higher education open to all, the standards of scholarship will—

a. not be affected at all.                                      b. be adversely affected the first casualty inevitably                       d. achieve a high water mark.

2.The universities of Taxila and Nalanda in ancient India—

a were liberal enough to grant admission to any or everybody who came there for this purpose

b .had no rules of admission

c .had very rigid and stringent rules of admission     

d .had to depend for their existence on the generosity of the kings and princes

3.The graduates which the ancient universities of India turned out—

a..dedicated themselves to teaching and nothing else

b .were objects of jealousy and rude of those who failed to find admission in these universities

c .toured different countries of the world to communicate the message of India there

d .were the cream of scholarship and humanity

4. Educational standard of India today are going down day by day . This is because

a .copying and cheating are freely allowed in examinations

b .nobody is interested in standards

c.funds allocated to education are really very meagre

d.admission are allowed to students irrespective of whether they have the capacity and ability for higher scholarship

5. Which of the following may be the best title for the passage?

a. What plagues higher education in India?                      b The problem standards of higher education in India

c.Higher education should be made open to all               d Higher education should not be open to all

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