Class-7 UNSEEN POEM-4 FREEDOM (150 Words objective unsolved)

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Read the following poem carefully:                                                                        


Freedom is the right to do
Anything that pleases you,
As long as you keep in sight
That others also have a right.
Have you the right to kill a cat?
Oh no! It’s wrong, just consider that
The cat has the right to live like you
A right to eating and drinking too!
So remember that it’s  certainly wrong
To deprive a nightingale  its song,
To cheat the poor people, as rich men do
To rob the innocent, as robbers do.
To injure someone to win a race
To despise some and others embrace,
To disobey every order and rule
And drown a swimmer in the pool,
And shout and scream like a fool
Disrespecting the teachers in the school.
So never forget that although you are free,
You should think of others, not only ‘ME’.

Choose the most appropriate  option out of the following: 

(a)How are the rights of a cat similar to ours?

(i)It can cheat the people like us                          (ii) It can eat and drink like us

(iii)It can take away others’ rights                      (iv) It can stay as it is, as long as it is happy.

(b)What is the similarity between rich men and robbers?

 (i)They deprive a nightingale of its song               (ii) They disobey all orders and rules

(iii)They cheat and rob the innocent people                        (iv) They drown a swimmer.

(c)How should students conduct themselves in school?

 (i)They should think only of themselves                (ii) They should scream and shout for fun

 (iii)They should show disrespect to their teachers       (iv) They should value freedom and think selflessly.

(d)Qualities one should undesired are?

        (i)Rudeness and flouting of rules                                    (ii) Dishonesty and falsehood

        (iii)Arrogance and discrimination                                    (iv) All of the above.  

 (e)The line that sums up the theme of the poem is-

       (i)That others also have a right                                                           

       (ii)That one should not forget that others are free

       (iii)That freedom is the right to do anything

      (iv)That one should think of others and not only about oneself.

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