Class-10 Ch-3 THE LETTER (Extra Qu.)

                                            THE LETTER    (By Dhumaketu) Ques1:    Describe the early morning scene, when Ali visited the Post Office.      Ans:    The whole town was asleep at that time, more due to the cold and biting wind. Ali plodded on his way to the Post office, drawing his tattered clothes tighter, to shield his body. He heard the sound… Read More »

1. Two Gentlemen of Verona (EXTRA Qu.)

                    Two Gentlemen of Verona   (By A.J. Cronin)                                                                  1)What had happened to the parents and the house of Nicola and Jacopo? Ans- Nicola and Jacopo had lost their mother earlier only. Their father, who was an established singer, was killed in the war when Italy was attacked by Germany. Their house was blown off by a bomb,… Read More »


A COMPETITIVE LIFE No hopes in life makes your life insane want some relief but also work on the rock be positive dream attractive you are blessed don’t be stressed addicted to social media destroys our creative ideas two minutes nap people says that’s not my swag have a hope and rock easy to say,difficult to implement and every-bodies life is contend and try… Read More »


PAIN The inner world is immense unease, Which just knows how to increase. Like a heavy bucket of water is stuck In the middle of   the well like throat My eyeball inside its socket stands afloat The time when the brain quits Thinking about Something else And then your heart starts to commence No love, no care, no… Read More »


TRANSCENDENCE Rising above yourself so high Going even beyond the sky Never losing faith and hope Keep climbing even if its a slope Transcendence happens only when you spark From an isolated, wrecked den completely dark It is a state of eternal bliss Achieve it and have a life you would want to kiss Positivity resonates with transcending… Read More »