Ch -3 Why Do We Need A Parliament – Page wise NCERT Solution

By | September 1, 2018

Complete NCERT Book Page wise Solution Class 8th as per Latest CBSE Syllabus

Civics, – Social and Political Life

Chapter-3 Why Do We Need A Parliament

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Page No: 41 Excercises

1.Why do you think our national movement supported the idea that all adults have a right to vote?

Answer:- Under colonial rule, the people had lived in fear of the British govt. & did not agree with many of the decisions that they took.

→ But they faced great danger if they tried to criticised these decisions. → The freedom movement changed this situation & the nationalists began to openly criticise the British govt & make demands.

→ They demanded that there be elected members in the legislature with a right to discuss the budget & ask questions.

That is why nationalist movement supported the idea of universal adult franchise, so that the people can take part in the decision making of the country.

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