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Extra Questions, Notes, Assignment and study material for Class 9th as Per CBSE Syllabus

The following page is dedicated to your great preparation of the novel by providing you chapter wise summary, Character sketches of main  characters like George, Harris, Jerome, Montmorency, summary in Hindi, extra question answers and much more. Click the desired chapter and enjoy reading in a very simple language-


The food question
Now the friends discussed the food question. George said, “Begin with breakfast. Now for breakfast we shall want a frying pan, a tea-pot and a kettle, and a methylated stove, but no oil”. Harris and Jim agreed. George was practical.

Oil stove
They had taken an oil stove with them once, but would not commit this mistake again. The oil oozed down to the rudder and into the river and spoiled the whole atmosphere. Even the wind brought with it the fragrance of paraffin oil. They took an oath never to take paraffin oil with them.

Smell of the cheeses
George suggested that they should take with them eggs, bacon, cold meat, tea, bread and butter and jam. They would not take cheese because cheese, like oil, gave strong smell. The narrator remembered a friend who had bought a couple of cheese of Liverpool. He asked the narrator to take those cheeses to London. He took them away in a cab. The smell of the cheeses made the horses run at a very fast speed. They were beyond control. But a clever porter put a handkerchief over the horse’s nose in order to control his speed. The narrator then caught a train. In the train, people felt so uncomfortable with the smell that they moved out of the bogey in which he was sitting. His friend was detained in Liverpool longer than he expected. Three days later, his wife called on him. Even she hated the smell of the cheeses. She did not keep it in her room in a hotel. Finally, Tom took them to a sea-side town, and buried them on the beach.

Packing begins
The next day, they got all things together and met in the evening to pack them. They got a big Gladstone for the clothes, and a couple of hampers for the food items, and the cooking utensils. They placed everything in a heap, in the middle of the floor and sat round it. The narrator said that he would pack. He thought that he knew more about it than any other. His two friends readily agreed. He felt annoyed because he did not like others doing nothing.

Wrong packing
However he packed the things. When he was Strapping the bag, Harris said, “Aren’t you going to put the boots in ?“ The narrator got irritated. George’s senseless laughs increased his irritation. The narrator had to unpack the bag and put the boots in when he finally packed. George and Harris Came forward to do the hampers. Jim began to look at them. Firstly they broke a cup, and then Hams squashed a tomato. They became so nervous that they placed light things at the bottom and heavy things on the top. The preserves got smashed. Harris sat on the butter. They wanted buffer but could not find it. At last they found it on Harris’ back.

Montmorency’s misdeeds
Montmorency was in it all, of course. He put his leg into the jam and he pretended that the lemons were rats, and got into the hamper and killed three of them before Harris could land him with a frying pan. The packing was done at 12.50 at midnight. They were ready to sleep. Harris was to sleep with them and they went upstairs. They asked George to wake them up at 6.30. But George was asleep at that time. They placed the bath tub where he could tumble into it on getting out in the morning and went to bed themselves.

All the three characters reveal their follies and foibles. They all think that they are good at packing. George and Harris don’t do anything; they simply watch the narrator doing the work. They don’t help him. Harris wants Jim to unpack the bag because he has not packed the boots. Hams and George get nervous and break certain things. They mess up the food items. They laugh at other’s stupidity. In fact all the three are hopeless at packing. They are experts in giving arguments.

They are busy in packing. They do foolish actions while packing. They keep light bottom and heavy things on the squashes a tomato and sits on Montmorency creates confusion. He into the jam. The packing is finished night. They plan to wake up at 6.30.


Q.1. How will you carry a cake In your bag?
Ans. I’ll keep the cake in an airtight container. I’ll, then, place the container in my bag.
Q.2. Where should you throw the garbage?
Ans. We should throw the garbage in a garbage container.
Q.3. Do you get Irritated when you have to unpack your bag to keep your shoes Ink?
Ans. No.
Q.4. Do you like a cheese sandwich at breakfast?
Ans. Yes.
Q.5. Do you want someone to help you make a cup of tea?
Ans. No, I can make a cup of tea myself.


Q.1Why didn’t they want to carry oil with them?
Ans . They didn’t want to carry oil with them because earlier they had a bad experience. The oil oozed down to the rudder and into the river and spoiled the whole atmosphere. Even the wind brought with it the fragrance of paraffin oil.
Q.2. What were the food Items that George wanted them to take with them ?
Ans . George wanted that they should take with them eggs, bacon, cold meat, tea, bread and butter and jam.
Q.3 Why didn’t they want to take cheese with them ?
Ans. They didn’t want to take cheese with them because cheese, like oil, gave strong smell.
Q.4. What was the effect of the smell of cheeses on the horses?
Ans. The smell of the cheeses made the horses fin at a fast speed. They were beyond control.
Q.5. How did Montmorency create a mess?
Ans . Montmorency created a mess by putting his leg into the jam. He, then, pretended that the lemon were rats and got into the hamper and killed three of them before Harris could land him with a frying pan.

Q.6Why did the three friends not want to take oil along?

Ans. Once they had taken up an oil-stove. It oozed and spread all over the river and boat. It smelt all through their journey and spoilt the atmosphere. So they prefer a methylated spirit stove to paraffin oil stove.

Q.7. Why didn’t George want cheese to be included in the breakfast item?

Ans. Jim reminds a funny event when he took cheese from Liverpool to London. The smell of cheese made the horse dash off in terror. While travelling in a train, nobody entered that bogey because of strong smell of the cheese. His friend’s wife was annoyed of the smell and left the house. So he avoids cheese.

Q.8. Why did the horse get terrified?

Ans. The horse was irritated by the sharp smell of the cheese and it dashed off in terror with great speed.

Q.9. How and why did the train carriage got empty?

Ans. The writer was travelling in a train compartment with some cheese. It smelt so bad and strong that all the passengers ran off and nobody dared enter that compartment. The carriage was left empty.

Q.10 Why did the writer feel so wild when Harris said, “Aren’t you going to put the boots in”?

Ans. The writer, while packing, forgot to put the boots in the bag and when he shut and strapped it, Harris knowingly asked him the question. George laughed irritatingly and senselessly at his forgetfulness. The writer felt ashamed and wild.

Q.11. What happened to the pies packed at bottom?

Ans. The pies were packed at the bottom of the bag and heavy things were packed on top so the pies were smashed.

Q.12 Why did Jim want to get up at six?

Ans. Because he wanted to write some letters.

Answer the following questions in detail:

  1. What excuse did the narrator give in order to avoid keeping cheese with him?

Ans. The writer went to his friend’s wife to deliver the cheese to her. The cheese had got rotten and so it gave away very bad and unbearable smell. His friend’s wife was not ready to keep it with her and she requested the writer to keep it with him till her husband returns. The writer was also troubled by the hateful smell of the cheese, so he pretended that his landlady who was a widow and an orphan would object keeping it in her house. So he avoided to keep it with him.

  1. Do you think Jim was successful at packing? Why/why not?

Ans. Jim generally boasted of his packing skills but he was really an unskilled packer. When he finally strapped the bag, he was told that he had forgotten to put the boots in. He unstrapped the bag and packed the boots in, but he was not sure if he had packed his tooth brush or not. He had to turn everything out of the bag to look for it which was eventually found in a boot. Once again he had to open the bag for his tobacco pouch. Jim, who so proudly declared his fine packing skill, is exposed as an unskilled and clumsy packer. He does not know where and how should pack the things in a travel bag. He has just stuffed everything roughly in the bag and strapped it.

  1. Were George and Harris better than Jim at packing? Give reasons to support your answer.

Ans. Jim was quite bad at packing while George and Harris proved worse than him. They made a mess of it. They began by breaking a cup. Harris smashed the tomatoes by packing the bottle of jam on top of them. George trod on the butter. They smashed the pies by putting heavy things on them. They upset salt over everything and tried to put the butter in a kettle. They, like Jim, proved awful at packing. They seem to be untidy, unplanned and inexperienced at packing.

  1. Would you like to own a dog like Montmorency? Why/ Why not?

Ans. Montmorency, though a dog, has a personality of his own. We cannot expect him to be docile and dumb fellow who barks, eats or sleeps as per his master’s wishes. It would be great fun having Montmorency as a pet. His noble looks belie his real character. His skills as a gang leader, his hunting excuses for fights and his habit to irritate those who know nothing but pretend they can do everything, are really amazing. His independent opinion on the idea of boat-riding and consent for sleeping arrangements during the boat-riding, make the readers impressed.

Analysing the Characters:

  1. “I want to get up and superintend and walk around with my hands in my pockets, and tell him what to do. It is my energetic nature. I can’t help it.” Who said this? Explain the significance of the words.What traits of speaker’s character are reflected in these lines?

Ans. The writer is reminded of a man with whom he used to stay. His habit was to roll on the sofa and watch him doing things which irritated the writer. The writer claims that he (writer) is different. He does not like to sit idle when others are working hard. He wants his hands to put in his pockets and move around to inspect the work being done. He also wants to give his valuable suggestions to those who are actually doing the work. The writer is proud of this trait. He claims that monitoring others is also on important work and he is able to do this because he belongs to the class which believes in instructing others rather than sitting and doing the work. It is Jim, the writer, who said it.

  1. What conclusion have you drawn regarding three men’s attitude towards work by the time you reach at the end of the chapter?

Ans. After reading the chapter we conclude that all the three friends are clumsy and unorganised, but each of them thinks that he can do a job in a better way than others. The writer’s patience to bear the scorn and pain for a cheese-loving friend and his overconfidence in packing skill, disappears when he actually sits down to pack the things. He is upset when he sees his friends sitting idly and teasing and troubling him. George and Harris laugh at him when he forgets to put the boots in the bag. But when they themselves sit down to pack, they prove to be worse than the writer. They smash several items and break a cup. They are irritated at the way the writer sits and looks at them. They blame him of exciting Montmorency to trouble them. Thus all the three pretend to be experts but neither have they known nor do anything satisfactory.




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