Class-10 Chapter-2 Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger (Extra Qu.)

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                                          Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger (By Saki)

Extract Based Questions

Read the following passages taken from ‘Mrs. packletides Tiger’ and answer the given questions.
1. ‘Mrs. Packletide had already arranged in her mind the lunch she would give at her house in Curzon Street, ostensibly in Loona Bimberton’s honour, with the tiger-skin rug occupying most of the foreground and all of the conversation’
(a) What was the real intention of Mrs. Packletide  in hosting the lunch?
Ans.- Mrs. Packletide wanted to show off her exploits at the tiger hunt and make Loona Bimberton Jealous of her achievements.

(b) Why was Loona Bimberton being honoured by the press?
Ans.- Loona Bimberton had travelled eleven miles in an airplane flown by an Algerian pilot for procuring tiger skin.

(C) What did she intend to gift Loona on her birthday?
Ans. Mrs.. Packletide intended to gift a tiger claw brooch to Loona.

2. ‘The prospect of earning thousand rupees had stimulated the sporting and commercial instinct of the villagers.’
(a) What had stimulated the sporting and commercial instinct of the villagers?
Ans.The thought of getting thousand rupees if they helped Mrs.. Packletide in hunting a tiger, had stimulated the sporting and commercial instinct of the villagers.

(b) What were the two fears that the villagers had regarding the hunt?
Ans. Firstly, the villagers were afraid that the tiger may wander off to another village and secondly, that he may die before the hunt.

(c) Why did Mrs. Packletide want to hunt a tiger?
Ans. Mrs. Packletide wanted to outdo the achievements of her rival, Loona Bimberton.

3. ‘Mother’s carrying their babies home through the jungle after the day’s work in the fields hushed their singing lest they might curtail the restful sleep of the venerable herd-robber.’
(a) Who does the phrase ‘venerable herd robber refer to? What is the literary device used in the phrase?
Ans.- The phrase refers to the tiger. It is an oxymoron.

(b) What is the tone of the writer in the line?
Ans.The tone of the writer is humorous.

(C) What does the writer want to highlight in these lines?
Ans.The writer wants to highlight the ridiculous lengths to which the villagers were ready to go to ensure that the tiger stayed in the village till the hunt.

4- ‘With an accurately sighted rifle and a thumbnail pack of patience cards the sportswoman awaited the coming of the quarry.’
(a) who is the sportswoman and what is her quarry?
Ans. The Sportswoman Is Mrs. Packletide and her quarry is the tiger.

(b) What are the arrangemen5 that have bee,, made for the person?
Ans.- A safe platform has been made on a tree, a goat has been tethered to a tree, a rifle has been sighted for her and she has a pack of cards to pass the time,

(c) What does the mention of the cards tell us about the nature of the activity being undertaken by the woman?
Ans. Mrs.. Packletide is taking the hunt in a very light hearted manner after ensuring that it was free from any kind of risk.

5.  ‘.. . The villagers anxious for their thousand rupees, gladly connived at the fiction that she had shot the beast’
(a) What is the ‘fiction’ being referred to in these lines?
Ans.It refers to the fact that the truth was something else altogether.

(b) What was the truth?
Ans. – The truth was that the tiger had actually died of a heart attack and had not been shot by Mrs. Packletide.

(c) Who had discovered the truth?
Ans. Louisa Mebbin, the paid companion of Mrs. Packletide had discovered the truth.

6. ‘As for Loona Bimberton she refused to look at an illustrated paper for weeks.’
(a) Why did Loona refuse to look at a paper?
Ans.Loona refused to do so because it carried the news of Mrs. Packletide’s tiger hunt

(b) How did the news in the paper affect her?
Ans.Loona Bimberton was consumed with jealousy and did not attend the luncheon party thrown by Mrs.. Packletide.

(c) Why did it affect her in this way?
Ans.It affected Loona Bimberton badly because Mrs. Packletide had managed to outsh her achievement.

7. ‘How amused everyone would be if they knew what really happened.’
(a) Who said this to whom?
Ans. Louisa Mebbin said these lines to Mrs. Packletide.

(b) What is the speaker trying to say?
Ans. – The speaker Louisa Mebbin here means to convey that she would reveal the truth about the hunt.

(C) What was the tone of the speaker?
Ans.The tone was threatening. Louisa Mebbin was trying to blackmail Mrs. Packletide

8. ‘Mrs. Packletide indulges in no more big-game shooting. ‘The incidental expenses’ are s heavy.’
(a) Why had Mrs. Packletide tried to hunt a tiger?
Ans.Mrs. Packletide wanted to outshine her rival Loona Bimberton’s achievement of having flown in an airplane, by hunting a tiger.

(b) Why was she no longer interested in shooting?
Ans. – Mrs. Packletide was no longer interested in shooting as the hunt had proved to be very expensive to her. Not only did she have to pay the villagers, but her companion too.

(c) What does she mean by incidental expenses’?
Ans. Mrs. Packletide means the expenses that she had to undergo, to buy the silence of her companion Louisa Mebbin who had threatened to reveal the truth about the hunt to her rival Loona Bimberton.

9. “It was Mrs. Packletide’s pleasure and intention that she should shoot a tiger. Not that the lust to kill had suddenly descended on her, or that she felt that she would leave India safer and more than she had found it.”
(a) What was the real intention of Mrs. Packletide when she expressed her desire to shoot a tiger?
Ans. The real intention of Mrs. Packletide behind shooting the tiger was to defame Loona Bimberton.

(b) How does she want to leave India?
Ans. She wants to leave India with a name.

(c) What do you mean by the phrase ‘descended on’?
 Ans. She wants to leave India with a name.
It means to make a sudden visit.

10. “In a world that is supposed to be chiefly swayed by hunger and by love Mrs. Packletide was an exception; her moments and motives were largely governed by dislike of Loona Bimberton.”
(a) How was Mrs. Packletide’s  behaviour different from others?
Ans. Mrs. Packietide’s behaviour was different from others in the sense while others are swayed by hunger and by love, this lady was content with just her dislike for Loona Bimberton.

(b) Towards whom were her motives targeted against?
Ans. All her motives were targeted against Loona Bimberton.

(c) What do you mean by the words ‘swayed by’ here?
Ans. Here it means ‘rule over’.

11. “Mothers carrying their babies through the jungle after the day’s work in the fields hushed their singing lest they might curtail the restful sleep of the venerable herd-robber.”
(a) Why did the mother hush singing to their babies?
Ans. Mothers hushed singing to their babies so that the tiger should not wake

(b) What does the expression ‘venerable herd-robber’ mean and for whom is this expression used?
Ans. The expression is used for the tiger. The animal is respectable and is to be dreaded because it kills herds of animals.

(c) Which figure of speech is used in this expression?
 Ans. The figure of speech used here is oxymoron.

12. “With an accurately sighted rifle and a thumbnail pack of patience
cards the sportswoman awaited the coming of the quarry.”
(a) Who are the sportswomen referred to here?
Ans. The sportswomen referred to here are Mrs. Packletide and Louisa Mebbin.

(b) Where are the women at this moment?
Ans. The women right now are sitting on the platform erected on the tree from where they would aim at the tiger.

(c) What do you mean by ‘thumbnail pack of patience’ What does it indicate here?
Ans.It means ‘great patience’. It indicates that as they had to wait long for the tiger, hence they kept the cards to pass time.

13.  “And their triumph and rejoicing found a ready echo in the heart of Mrs. Packletide; already that luncheon-party in Curzon Street seemed immeasurably nearer.”
 (a) Who is rejoicing in these lines?
Ans. The natives of the village are rejoicing here.

(b) What do you mean by ‘triumph and rejoice’? Why are they triumphing and rejoicing?
Ans. ‘Triumph’ means ‘victory’ and ‘rejoice’ means ‘feel great joy’. They are triumphing and rejoicing as Mrs. Packletide has shot the tiger to death.

(c) What are Mrs. Packletide’s plans for luncheon party?
Ans. Mrs. Packletide plans to arrange a dinner in the honour of Loona Bimberton and send her a gift.

14. “Circumstances proved propitious”
(a) What circumstances is referred to here?
Ans. The circumstance is of Mrs. Packletide finding an opportunity to shoot a tiger.

(b) How did the circumstances prove propitious?
Ans. Circumstances proved propitious as Mrs. Packletide got in touch with the natives of a village who assured her that they would find her a tiger that could be shot at without much risk or exertion.

(c) What does the word ‘propitious’ mean?
 Ans. It means favourable.

15. “The compelling motive for her sudden deviation towards the footsteps of Nimrod was the fact that Loona Bimberton had recently been carried eleven miles in an aeroplane.”
(a) For whom is the pronoun ‘her’ used in this context?
Ans. It is used for Mrs. Packletide.

(b) What do you mean by ‘sudden deviation’?
Ans. The sudden deviation here means Mrs. Packletide’s sudden interest or inclination to shoot a tiger.

(c) Who is Nimrod and why is his reference made here?
 Ans. Nimrod is a biblical character, great grandson of Noah who was a mighty hunter. The reference to his character is made here because Mrs. Packletide too wanted to follow him. She had plans of hunting a tiger.

16. “It’s a very old tiger. It couldn’t spring u here even if it wanted to.”
(a) Who is the speaker?
Ans. Mrs. Packletide is the speaker here.

(b) What light does this remark throw on the character of the speaker?
Ans. This remark shows that Mrs. Packletide was very cool and casual while sitting on the platform to shoot a tiger. We feel sorry for her petty, shallow nature as she wants to purchase everything in this world with money. She doesn’t want to experience the actual excitement of hunting.

(c) What do you mean by the phrase ‘spring up’?
 Ans. It means Come into being or appear.

17. “In a moment a crowd of excited natives had swarmed on the scene, and their shouting speedily carried the glad news to the village… .“
(a) What scene is referred to here?
Ans. The venue which was decided for the shoot where a platform had been erected for the ladies to shoot at and a goat tethered at a considerable distance.

(b) What is the glad news?
Ans. The glad news is that Mrs. Packletide has shot the tiger to death.

(c) What do you mean by the phrase ‘swarm on’ here?
 Ans. It means crowded or infested with.

18. “The incidental expenses are heavy.”
(a) Who is the speaker and who is he/she speaking to?
Ans. Mrs. Packletide is the speaker and she is talking to some inquiring friends.

(b) What makes the speaker give this remark?
Ans. The speaker has been blackmailed by her ‘paid companion’. The expenses incurred on achieving fame did not appear to have made any difference to Mrs. Packletide. But the secondary expenses which she had to pay in order to maintain her fame intact has compelled her to give this remark.

(c) What do you mean by ‘incidental expenses’?
 Ans.  It means ‘the secondary uninvited expenditures’.

Short Answers
1. Why did Mrs. Pack/elide wish to kill a tiger?
Ans.Mrs. Packletide wished to do so because it was the only way she could think of getting more publicity than her social rival Loona Bimberton who had received a lot of media attention for her feat of having travelled in an airplane for eleven miles.

2. Who was Nimrod? Why is he mentioned in the lesson?
Ans. –Nimrod was a great hunter mentioned in the Bible. Here he is mentioned in a humorous tone to highlight the contrast in Mrs. Packletide’s reasons for hunting a tiger. She wanted to hunt not because she was passionate about hunting but because she wanted to do something better than Loona Bimberton, her social rival.

3. What was Mrs. Packletide’s real reason for hosting a party in Loona Bimberton’s honour?
Ans. -Once she had managed to kill the tiger she wanted to give the party to show off her success to Loona Bimberton and enjoy watching her burn with jealousy.

4. What did she intend to give Loona on her birthday? Why?
Ans. -Mrs. Packletide planned to give her a brooch made out of the tiger claw. She wanted to make her feel small and rub in the fact that she had outdone her by killing the tiger.

5. How was the tiger shooting arranged?
Ans. -Mrs. Packletide learnt of a village which had an old tiger in the neighbourhood and she promised to pay the Villagers a thousand rupees if they helped her to hunt It down.

6. What kind of a tiger was chosen for the hunt? Why?
Ans. -An old tiger on the verge of death was chosen because it presented very little risk to Mrs. Packletide while hunting.

7. How did the villagers help Mrs. Packletide with the hunt?
Ans.First of all the villagers left their pet animals around so that the tiger did not stray from the village in search of food. Secondly, they took care not to disturb the tiger when It was resting. Thirdly, they helped set up a hunting platform for Mrs. Packletide. Finally, they tied up a goat with a loud bleat to attract the tiger.

8. Who was Miss Mebbin? Do you think she was devoted to Mrs. Packletide? Give reasons for your answer.
Ans.Miss Mebbin was Mrs. Packletide’s paid companion. No, she was not sincere towards Mrs. Packletide because she threatened to disclose the true facts of the hunt if she were not paid the money that would enable her to buy a cottage for herself.

9. What comment did Miss Mebbin make after Mrs. Packletide had fired the shot?
Ans. -Miss Mebbin commented that the shot had killed the goat while the tiger had died of a heart attack.

10. How did Mrs. Packletide react to Miss Mebbin’s comment just after the shoot?
Ans. -Mrs. Packletide was annoyed at her for pointing out the true circumstances of the hunt to her but she was not too concerned because she never imagined that she would use this piece of information against her.

11. How did Miss Mebbin manage to get her cottage?
Ans.Miss Mebbin threatened to reveal the true facts about the hunt to Loona Bimberton unless Mrs. Packletide paid her the required amount to buy herself a cottage. Mrs. Packletide had no choice but to give in to her threat. Therefore, she was able to buy her weekend cottage.

12. Why did Miss Mebbin plant so many tiger lilies in her garden?
Ans.- The flowers were planted to honour the tiger which had indirectly been responsible for her being able to afford a cottage of her own.

13. What put Mrs. Packletide off from going on further hunts?
Ans.Mrs. Packletide was shocked at the manner in which she was threatened by Miss Mebbi into paying her the large sum of money. She finally decided that such adventures wet too expensive to indulge in.

14. “It was Mrs. Packletide’s pleasure and intention that she should shoot a tiger.” Why was Mrs. Packletide intent on shooting a tiger?
Ans. Mrs. Packletide did not nurse any lust or craze to shoot a tiger. She was intent on shooting a tiger because she disliked Loona Bimberton who had captured the limelight by flying eleven miles  in an aeroplane by an Algerian elevator. Her motive was to somehow shift the of limelight from Loona to herself. Therefore, she planned to d something daring and shooting a tiger appeared to be something very sensational.

15. Who was Loona Bimberton? what daring feat bad she achieved th.1 led to Mrs. Packletide disliking her?
Ans. Loona Bimberton was Mrs. Packletide’s arch rival. She had performed a daring feat by flying eleven miles in an aeroplane by an Algerian elevator. Mrs. Packletide became so jealous of her since then that she started planning to outdo her in one or the other way.

16. What plans does Mrs. Packletide conceive before shooting the tiger?
Ans. Mrs. Packletide had planned that she would arrange a party in t honour of Loona Bimberton at her house in the Curzon Street after shooting the tiger. She had also planned to send a tiger-claw brooch as a gift to her on her next birthday.

17. Why did the mothers hush the singing of their little babies?
Ans. The mothers hushed the singing of their little babies apprehending that the tiger might not be disturbed in his sleep, while they were passing through the jungles to their homes in the evening.

18. Why were the cheap goats let loose in the jungle?
Ans. The cheap goats were let loose in that local part of the jungle in good number so that the wild beast remained satisfied and didn’t roam into fresh jungles to hunt animals.

19. What preparations were made for the shooting?
Ans. For shooting elaborate arrangements were made by the natives of the village. A safe platform was constructed on a conveniently placed tree where Mrs. Packletide and her paid companion sat. A goat that bleated continuously day and night was fastened at a correct distance. They also had a small sized (thumb nailed) pack of’ cards to pass time and an accurately sighted rifle.

20. Who accompanied Mrs. Packletide for the shooting? Was she helpful?
Ans. Louisa Mebbin, a ‘paid companion’ of Mrs. Packletide, accompanied her. She was of no use to Mrs. Packletide. On the other hand, she distracted her mistress by her weird and nasty remarks. She was a stingy kind of a woman. Firstly, she talked about money being wasted on shooting an old tiger and then about her protective elder sister attitude for money.

21. What happened after Mrs. Packletide had fired the shot?
Ans. As soon as Mrs. Packletide shot, the rifle banged with a loud ise The tiger that had been approaching towards the goat could be springing to one side, and then rolling over to death. In no time the excited natives of the village crowded around the scene and a few gladly ran through the village to spread the news that Memsahib had killed the tiger.

22. “Mrs. Packletide was reasonably annoyed at the discovery.” What led her to be annoyed?
Ans. Miss. Louisa Mebbin’s observation led to the discovery that it was the goat that died of the bullet of Mrs. Packletide’s rifle, and that the tiger was killed of heart failure caused due to the banging noise of the rifle. This annoyed Mrs. Packletide as the mortal wound was visible on the goat’s body but no wound was visible on the tiger’s body.

23. Though Mrs. Packletide knew that she did not shoot the tiger, still she was sure that no one would reveal the secret. Why?
Ans. Mrs. Packletide was Sure of the fact that no one would reveal the secret pertaining to the shooting of the tiger because the villagers would keep their mouth shut for thousand rupees and that Miss. Mebbin was her paid companion.

24. What was Loona Bimberton’s reaction at Mrs. Packletide’s instant fame?
Ans. Loona Bimberton instantly became so spiteful that she refused to see any illustrated paper for many weeks as she did not want to read anything related to Mrs. Packletide. Repressing her emotions to some extent she sends a letter of thanks to Mrs. Packletide for sending her a tiger-claw brooch on her birthday. She declined to attend the party hosted in her favour

25. Do you agree that Mrs. Packletide believed in a false show off? Justify with appropriate evidences from the story.

Ans. – I whole heartedly agree that Mrs. Packletide believed in a false show off. We find a number of evidences from the lesson for the fact. First the writer says that.The compelling motive of killing a tiger was the fact that Loona Bimberton had recently been carried eleven miles in an aero plane by an Algerian aviator and she was jealous of her. So she wanted to show that she was not inferior to anyone. Second Mrs. Packletide had already arranged in her mind the lunch she would give at her house in Curzon Street. The only motive was show off so that she could boast herself before a huge gathering. Third she had also designed in her mind the tiger-claw brooch that she was going to give Loona Bimberton on her next birthday. The only motive was show off. Fourth a huge payment of a thousand rupees to the villagers was not for availing a tiger but it was for keeping the secret also. Why she wanted to keep her actual hunt a secret, why she wanted people to know that she killed a tiger bravely. All was governed only by the feelings of show off. The above arguments clearly show that she believed in false show off and nothing else.     

Long Answers
Give a brief character sketch of the following characters-
1.    Mrs. Packletide
She was competitive by nature. She decides to go on a hunt in order to counter Loona Bimberton’s achievements. She was shrewd and manipulative in her approach. She organizes a hunt and offers thousand rupees to villagers to manipulate the situation. She hunts an old tiger as there was no risk involved In this task. She was vain and without a conscience. She readily poses for photographs while hiding the real facts about the hunt. She pays Mebbin to buy her silence. She was willing t go to any length to show her rival down. She throws a party pretending to honour Bimberton but actually wanting to show off her achievement.
2.    Louisa Mebbin
She is very stingy and keeps saving money. She felt that thousand rupees is too much for the old tiger. She is shrewd and mentions that they should not pay for the goat if it is not touched by the tiger. She is manipulative and blackmails Mrs. Packletide and threatens to reveal facts about the hunt. She is a clever, opportunist who manages to manipulate the situation to fulfill her dream of owning a weekend cottage.

3.     Loona Bimberton
She is very jealous and spiteful and could not accept the success of the hunt of Mrs. Packletide. She refuses to attend her party because of the bitter rivalry between the two. She is a frivolous high society lady whose life revolved around proving her supremacy over her rival. She also has an adventurous spirit and decides to take the risk of flying in an aeroplane. She is vain and hungry for publicity and ensures that she gets media coverage for her feat.
4.     Louisa Mebbin writes a diary entry the day she manages to get the money from Mrs. Packklide. She records her feelings about the tiger hunt; Mrs. Packletide’s rivalry and reason for her tiger hunt; the way the hunt was conducted; her observations about the tiger; her plans on how to spend the money she gets from Mrs. Pat Idetide. Write the entry as Louisa Mebbin.

Ans. -12 May 2O16                                     Wednesday
I am very happy that I got money out of Mrs. Packletide. Mrs. Packletide does not respect money. She gave thousand rupees to the villagers for hunting an old tiger. I enjoyed getting an upper hand over her by threatening to reveal the true facts of the hunt to Loona Bimberton. I enjoyed the shock and disbelief on Mrs. Packleticle’s face. I am now going to buy a weekend cottage for myself. I had never imagined  that I would have the money to buy it one day. I would name it Les Fauves and a border of tiger lilies would look just fine in the garden.

5 The news of the successful tiger hunt is reported in all the major news papers of the town. Write the report. Include the details of the hunt, ht account of the  villagers, comments from Mrs. Packletide and Loona Bimberton.
Byline—by Anuj Raman, staff reporter
A high society lady Mrs. Packletide has achieved a great feat. She killed a tiger troubling a neighbouring village.  The villagers were happy to be saved from the tiger. They are  grateful to Mrs. Packletide for this huge favour. This is her first attempt at hunting. She sat on a platform in a tree waiting for the tiger. A goat was tethered to a tree to attract the tiger. As soon as the tiger was sighted, Mrs. Packletide fired a shot and the tiger was killed. This is the huge feat of this brave lady.

6. As Mrs. Packletide, write a letter inviting bond Bimberton to a party in her honour. Include a few sentences mentioning the tiger hunt and the risk you took during the hunt and your feelings at your achievement.
Ans. -21 May 2O16
Dear Loona,
There Is a party being organised to celebrate the hunting of the tiger by me. People are planning to honour me for my courage and spirit of adventure. I have kept a special gift for you. It is a tiger claw brooch which is a memento from the recent tiger hunt. As you know, it was a risky affair and required a lot of courage. I managed to kill the tiger at the first instance and lots of people appreciated my effort. Villagers are grateful to me for saving them from the tiger. I hope you will attend the party. Once you come, I will also show the tiger-skin rug that has just been made.

7. The village headman is delighted to learn of the opportunity for the villagers to earn a thousand rupees by helping Mrs. Packletide hunt the old tiger that is troubling the villagers. He writes in his diary about this opportunity., giving details of the instructions that he plans to give the villagers to ensure that the hunt is a success.
Ans. – 21 May 2O16
I heard of an English woman who wants to hunt a tiger and was willing to pay a thousand rupees for that! 1 cannot believe that someone is ready to pay so much money for this. I am excited as I know that the tiger near the village is just right for this occasion. It is too old to harm anyone and will be easy to kill. We must ensure that it remains in the village. I must ask villagers to let their small animals loose as its prey. We must help the lady as much as possible. We should build her a platform at a safe height and arrange a rifle for her. We need to find a goat with a persistent bleat to attract the tiger. We must monitor the success of the hunt without hogging the limelight.

8. Mrs. Packlelide is shocked at Louisa Mebbin’s behaviour after the hunt. She agrees to pay he, the amount demanded by Mebbin. Write letter as Mrs. Paddetide, expressing her feelings at being blackmailed.
Ans. -21 May 2O16
Dear Louisa,
I can’t believe you could do such a thing to me. You were being paid for the duties that you did. Do you not feel ungrateful and disloyal when you bit the hand that was feeding you? I hope you will not reveal the secret to Loona. After all, the weekend cottage that you now possess could not have been possible without my help. I hope that I can rely on you to keep this secret a secret!
Value Based Questions

9. How does Saki expose human greed and vanity in the story ‘Mrs.. Packletides Tiger’?
Ans.Saki exposes the negative aspect of human behaviour like greed and vanity in the story titled Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger. Saki exposes the human exploitation of big-game animals as a brutal act of violence. Loona Bimberton and Mrs. Packletide, the trophy-hunters, are examples of human folly and greed in an age when destroying wild animals was justified as an emblem of progress. Mrs.. Bimberton has recently travelled in an aero plane, piloted by an Algerian aviator. As a result, she has become the toast of British occupied India. Mrs. Packletide’s motive in killing the tiger Is to rival Loona Bimberton who has already procured a tiger-skin and has returned with many photographs to confirm her trophy.

10. In ‘Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger’ Saki shows the barbarity of civilized people hidden behind their claims for benevolence. Justify.
Ans.Saki depicts the human exploitation of big-game animals as a brutal act of violence. Loona Bimberton and Mrs. Packletide, the trophy-hunters, are examples of human folly and greed in an age when destroying wild animals was justified as an emblem of progress. Human exploitation of bigger animals resulted in the gradual disappearance of some species. Saki exposes the falsehood and deception that constitute civilization.

11. Imagine you are Mrs. Packletide. After being betrayed by Louisa Mebbin, you learn a lesson of life. Now you are completely changed. You are purged of all ill-will and dislike that you nursed for Loona Bimberton. Write a letter of apology to Loona Bimberton telling her how you were blackmailed for your craze after false fame.
Ans. #15, Curzon Street
United Kingdom
June 21, 1933
Dear Loona
You will be shocked to find my letter on your table as we were never at good terms with each other. It’s almost five years now when we last met each other. And this span of life has given me good time to reflect upon myself as a person and I have concluded that I had lived a false life for vainglory.
I would regard my experience of shooting the tiger as the unfortunate moment in my life. Thought you will be surprised know this; but this is true. You are only aware of my fame in illustrated papers and how I instantly caught public attent10 I accept that I disliked you and to such an extent that all my motives and designs were guided to let you down in all ways. And my desire was very soon fulfilled. With the shooting of the tiger I got a great public acclaim that reduced your popularity to almost nothing.
But today I reveal that mine was a false pretence. You had really achieved something to be felt proud of. But blind in the rage an fame 1 received the honour that I had not deserved at all. Instead of shooting the tiger I had shot the goat to death. I thought my Power and pelf would keep the mouths of those people shut who were involved with me. But that was not to happen. Miss. Mebbin turn out to be a blackmailer and I had to be her scapegoat.
Now after being betrayed by her I realize that perhaps I deserved this punishment. This bitter experience has changed the course of my life and I repent having committed this mistake. I apologize to you in all ways for making efforts to overshadow you. Perhaps this is the reason I am suffering now, being robbed of my prosperity.
1 hope we will forget our past and be friends again.
Kindly keep in touch
Your friend
Mrs. Packletide
12. Imagine you are Louisa Mebbin. Write a diary entry expressing how you could afford a cottage.
Ans. Dorking
June 21, I933,                                         Saturday
10.15 p.m.
I had never in my dreams thought of owning my own cottage until I met Mrs. Packletide. Living it scarcities had always made me realize the value of money which my mistress never understood. She wasted money so carelessly showing her Vainglory and that led me to feel that she acted rather stupidly when she had paid a huge amount of thousand rupees to the villagers just for shooting a wild old beast that could hardly walk. I kept on reminding her through various ways that she had been wasting money so absurdly that pained me. But all my suggestions fell on deaf ears.
My seriousness with life and observation helped me when I concluded that it was not the tiger that Was shot but the goat who received the mortal wound. Annoyed at the discovery, my mistress expected me to keep quiet because I had not received my payment for accompanying her. And I did not want to lose it because I did not want to perform an atom more than the money paid for. That was the time when I felt that I could extract money from this silly vainglorious woman.
I waited for the right time when I went to warn her that if she did not pay me the expected amount to buy a cottage I would reduce her glory to ashes. Crazy for fame, she had to part with the money that led me to purchase this cottage. I admit that I had been a blackmailer but I feel I must not repent because these upper class women don’t realize the worth of money. They throw money so extravagantly and lavishly that if I have benefitted from her extravagance to lead a respectable life, it doesn’t mean any sort of offence committed on my part.

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  • Mrs packletide believer in a false show off .do you agree?

    Anonymous August 28, 2017 11:04 am
  • Hello Dear,
    Your question has been answered. Kindly check question number 25 and thanks a lot for your interest in
    Kindly keep visiting and sharing the site.

    Shailesh August 30, 2017 3:52 pm
  • Appreciated. Amazing work. Big thanks to everyone who devoted their time and efforts in this…

    BANSAL AADi August 29, 2018 2:13 pm

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