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1. What are the things the wind does in the first stanza?

Ans. The role of the wind in the first stanza in that of an enemy. It crumbles the frail houses. It breaks the shutters of the windows. It throws down the books on the shelf and tears their pages.

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2. Have you seen anybody winnow grain at home or in a paddy field? What is the word in your language for winnowing? What do people use for winnowing? (Give the words in your language, if you know them.)

Ans. It is a common scene at home in most of the house in India to separate dust and chaff from the wheat, cohen we prepare it for making the floor. This system is called Rachhorna’ in our language. The instrument used for this process is called `Chhaj’.

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3. What does the poet say the wind god winnows?

Ans. Winnowing means using wind to separate grain from the chaff. In the same way, when a strong wind blows, the weaklings are removed but the strong ones remain steadfast.

4. What should we do to make friends with the wind?

Ans. The wind is the enemy of the weak. But it respects the strong and behaves with them in a friendly manner. So we should not be weak. If we are strong, the wind will not harm us. It will be our friend. So we. should firm our bodies and make our hearts strong.

5. What do the last four lines or the poem mean to you?

 Ans. The last four lines of the poem tell that the weeks are always the suffers. On the other hand, the rich and powerful are always in the gain in any situation. Thus we should make our bodies and hearts strong.

6. How does the poet speak to the wind-in anger or with humour? You must also have seen or heard of the wind “crumbling lives”. What is your response to this? Is it like the poets?

Ans. The poet speaks very gravelly in this poem. Ile makes the point clear that God helps those “‘P help themselves. If you are weak, you shall be crumbled as the air does to the weak things. If you are strong you will survive all odds. I also agree with this.

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7. The poem you have just read is originally in Tamil. Do you know any such poems m your language?

Ans. For self-attempt.


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