152. Reading Skills Comprehension: Competition


Read the following passage and answer the following question:

Competition can be a great motivator. It can move you to go that extra mile and do that much better. But things start to go wrong when beating someone becomes your only goal. At every step along the way, you will be compared whether with fellow students or siblings. Competitions and comparisons are part of every student’s life but as a student, you have to learn to deal with these comparisons and let these not get the better of you.

 Whether you “win” or “lose”, if you lose sight of what really matters, it is only going to distract you away from your growth. No matter how well you do, letting your success get to your head can be disastrous. It takes you away from the things that really matter and your complacency might even hamper your performance the next time around. And at the same time, if you look at the performance of another person as your benchmark, you are bound to be disappointed at some point. Irrespective of how well you might have done at some other point, you are bound to come across someone who is a shade better than you. And when a comparison is done, how you deal with it could define who you are and what you will be tomorrow. Here is some advice.

Do not judge yourself by how others have performed. Set your own targets and raise the bar for yourself.

You cannot be the best in every sphere. Identify your strengths so that you can reach your full potential. At the same time be aware of your weaknesses and work towards overcoming them.

Students often tend to worry about what others think of them. Do not get swayed by what others think. Know your priorities and do what best you can.

When you compare yourself with another, you end up focusing on the outcome. Instead of getting distracted in such comparisons, focus on putting in your best efforts.

There is a great deal to learn from your peers. Rather than focusing on one-upmanship, try to pick up on the positives of your peers and imbibe them in your life.

Do not let another student’s success put you off. Be happy for someone who does well.                                                                                                                                              

On the basis of your reading of the above passage answer the following questions:

 (a) State how ‘comparison’ is an important part of every student’s life.                                         

 (b) How can success get to your head and be disastrous?                                                                

 (c) Explain how competition can be healthy or harmful.                                                                    

 (d) Justify that the best competition is with yourself.                                                                         

 (e) The synonym for the word, ‘swayed’ is . ———– (para 5)

 (i) persuaded (ii) influenced (iii) moved(iv) activated                                                                            

The antonym for the word, ‘positives’ is.______ (Para 7)

(f)negatives (ii) confidences (iii) hopes (iv) happiness                                                                             

(g) What is meant by the word, ‘siblings’? (Para 1)

(i) elder brothers(ii) younger sisters(iii) brothers or sisters (iv) friends                                                

 (h) What is meant by the word, ‘priorities’ ———– (Para 5) 

(i) necessities (ii) precedence (iii) choices (iv) importance                                                                        


 (a)Comparison motivates students to perform better and helps them raise their standards.

(b) Success can make one complacent. It also takes one away from things that really matter.

(c) Competition can be healthy if one keeps his/her goals in sight and work towards achieving them. It can be harmful if one gets obsessed about ‘winning’ or ‘losing’.

(d) One cannot be the best in every sphere. Therefore, one should work towards reaching one’s full potential through hard work.

(e) (ii) influenced (f) (i) negatives (g) (iii) brothers or sisters (h) (ii) precedence

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