149. Reading Skills Comprehension: Junk Food

By | July 17, 2023
Junk Food


Read the following passage and answer the following questions:-

Walt Disney Co. became the first major media company to ban ads for candy bars and junk food on its television channels, radio stations and websites, to stop manufacturers from prodding nutritionally challenged fattening junk food for kids. The ban covers foods with too much sugar and salt or a full meal more than 600 calories.

Disney’s rules, which take effect from 2015, closely follow a proposal by New York Mayor to take supersized drinks over 16 ounces or 500 mills out of convenience stores, movie theatres and restaurants, to stop people from having too much of a bad thing.

Predictably, the outraged public said that banning smoking in public places and artery-blocking trans fats in food were bad enough, but stopping them from guzzling comfort drinks by the litres was almost a human rights violation.

It seems most people are not just happy choosing their own poison; they also want it in super-sized doses guaranteed to kill sooner than later, for, after tobacco use, obesity is the biggest public health bugbear that triggers more avoidable diseases and death than malnutrition. Overweight and obese are the leading risk for global deaths killing 2.8 million adults every year. Worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980.

 It is obvious that left to themselves people are choosing wrong and something needs to be done to make them stop and think. The reasons for poor lifestyle choices are money; with almost all driven by socio-economic causes such as low education and limited income. Like killer infections, obesity and the resultant type 2 diabetes, affect the poor more than the affluent, because processed and fast food is cheaper and takes less or no time to prepare than healthy home-cooked meals. Limiting food choices, however, is not enough, the need to get children off their chairs and into playgrounds is also important. Too much screen time, largely social-networking, followed by online video gaming and television, are making healthy children fat and putting them at risk of type 2 diabetes.

On the basis of your reading of the above passage answer the questions that follow:

 (a) Which food items were banned on its channels by Walt Disney Co.?                               

(b) For what purpose did Walt Disney use T.V., Radio?                                                                

(c) How was the proposal of New York Mayor, a fit case of the violation of human rights?  

(d) Worldwide obesity is on the rise’. What do you think could be the reason?                    

 (e) What is meant by the word, ‘outraged’? (Para 3)

 (i) anger                              (ii) mob     

(iii) vitiated                         (iv) very shocking                                            

(I) What is meant by the word, ‘guzzling’? (Para 3)

 (i) drinking quickly         (ii) sipping slowly     

(iii) eating a lot                  (iv) drinking in large amounts    

(g) Synonym for the word, ‘bar’ is———- (Para 1)

 (i) stop                                 (ii) dislike     

(iii) destroy                         (iv) forbid                                                                    

(h) Antonym for the word, ‘avoidable’ is (Para 4)

(i) stopped                           (ii) unavoidable      

(iii) unavoidable               (ii) loud                                                 


(a)Candy bars and junk food was banned on its channels by Walt Disney Co.

(b) Walt Disney used T.V., Radio to stop manufacturers from promoting nutritionally challenged fattening junk food for kids.

 (c)The proposal denied the common people the right to choose how much to drink. He took out super-sized drinks over 16 ounces or 500 mills out of convenience stores, movie, theatres and restaurants.

(d) Processed food is cheaper and easily available than healthy home-cooked food. This attracts lower income groups and promotes obesity.

(e) (i) anger; (f) (i) drinking quickly; (g) (iv) forbid; (h) (ii) unavoidable

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