Unseen Comprehension Passage Class 8 Ex. 3 & 4

By | December 16, 2017
unseen passages

Following are the reading comprehension exercises known by many names as comprehension passages, short unseen passage for practice etc. These reading comprehension passages with questions and answers and reading comprehension tips ,will help you improve reading comprehension skills. These English short reading passages for kids may be used as low level reading comprehension worksheets and reading comprehension practice test,  These online  comprehension ks2 exercise will enhance reading skills. Teachers may use them as free reading comprehension worksheets, gre comprehension passages for elementary students, as well as they will help in teaching reading comprehension skills.  Download in pdf and find comprehension strategies and know how to understand reading comprehension questions


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow-
One of the world’s great educators, who looked up to a child as an individual and a very special human being, was Maria Montessori. She gave the very young children the Kindergarten, where children grew in an atmosphere of freedom and confidence. Maria Montessori was born in Chiaravalle near Ancona, Italy, in 1870. As a little girl, she was a dull student , unable to grasp and retain what her teacher taught her. At the age of 10, she suddenly changed. Maria began topping her class, and her parents felt that she should become a teacher. At the age of 14, she attended a technical school for boys. After a year she took up biology and dedicated to study medicine. In spite of a strong opposition from her father, she went ahead with medicine. Maria became the first Italian woman to receive a medical degree after she graduated from the University of Rome in 1896. After getting her degree, she joined the university’s psychiatric clinic. As a part of her duty, she had to visit the city’s mental asylum, where disabled children were housed with the insane. She watched the children shriek, stretching their hands out, with an urge to reach out or to touch something. Maria felt the needed a normal and friendlier environment and a contact with the world. She worked out ways by which she could help the disabled children.

(a)Montessori schools all over the world are for children and carry the vision of:
(i) Maria Montessori                                          (ii) A great woman who looked at children with kindness
(iii)Maria Montessori for whom children were special        (iv) A woman who loved children

(b) Maria’s parents wanted her to be a teacher because:
(i) She was intelligent                                       (ii) She began to top her class
(iii)She never failed                                          (iv) She also wanted to be a teacher

(c) Maria decided to be a doctor when she:
(i) Started studying biology                             (ii) Studied biology
(iii)Took up biology                                           (iv) Develop interest in biology

(d)When Maria saw the insane children she thought that they:
(i) Could be properly educated                        (ii) Needed a normal and friendly atmosphere
(iii)Could be taught properly                           (iv)Could be useful citizen

(e)The word ‘mental asylum’ means:
(i) Mental                                                            (ii) Place for children
(iii) A house for boys                                         (iv) Place for mental children

Download the above passage in PDF (Printable)


Read the passage given below and write the option that you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheet:
Many animals are able to communicate with each other very well – but none of them can talk as we do. That is, no animals use words. Birds cry out and make sounds that other birds understand. Smells, movements, and sounds are used for communication by animals, through which they express joy or anger or fear. Human speech is a very complicated process, which no animal can perform. One reason is that in a very special way we use a whole series of organs to produce the sounds we want to make when we utter words. The way our vocal cords are made to vibrate, the way the throat, mouth and nasal cavities are adjusted, the way the lips, teeth, lower jaw, tongue, and palate are moved – just to make vowel and consonant sounds, is something animals can’t do. They cannot produce a whole series of words to make a sentence. And there is another, perhaps more important reason why animals can’t talk. Words are only labels for objects, actions, feelings, expressions and ideas. For example, the word ‘bird’ is a label for a living, flying object. Other words describe its colour, shape, flying and singing. Still other words would be used to tell what the speaker thinks or feels about the bird or its actions. For human beings, therefore, the use of words means the use of labels or symbols, and then organizing them in a certain way to communicate something. This requires a degree of intelligence and logical thinking that no animals have. So, they can’t talk the way people do.

1Communication in animals is made through
a.smells, movements and sounds                  b.smells, sitting and running

c. smells, setting and flying                             d. smells, sitting and eating

2.The emotions which are expressed by birds are
a.joy, love, hate                 b. joy, fear or anger              c. joy, jealousy or zeal          d. joy, cry or anger

3.Animals cannot talk like us as human speeche is a
a.complicated process            b.complex process              c. easy process                 d. confused process

4.For using words properly human beings require
a.a degree of graduation                                   b.logical thinking and vocal cords

c. intelligence and logical thinking                  d. logical thinking and imagination

5.The noun form of ‘communicate’ is
a.Communicative            b. Communication            c. communicated              d. communicating


1. smells, movements and sounds                  2. joy, fear or anger       3. complicated process

4. intelligence and logical                                5. communicated

Download the above passage in PDF (Printable)

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