Unseen Comprehension Passage Class 8 Ex. 13 & 14

By | December 18, 2017
unseen passages

Following are the reading comprehension exercises known by many names as comprehension passages, short unseen passage for practice etc. These reading comprehension passages with questions and answers and reading comprehension tips ,will help you improve reading comprehension skills. These English short reading passages for kids may be used as low level reading comprehension worksheets and reading comprehension practice test,  These online  comprehension ks2 exercise will enhance reading skills. Teachers may use them as free reading comprehension worksheets, gre comprehension passages for elementary students, as well as they will help in teaching reading comprehension skills.  Download in pdf and find comprehension strategies and know how to understand reading comprehension questions


Read the following passage carefully:
The best time there was nervousness surrounding the name of an American President or the presidential candidate, was when Bob Dole was running against Bill Clinton for the White House top job. The Arab world want into a tizzy not because it had something ideological sounded against the 1966 Democrat presidential candidate, but because ‘Dole’ sounded like the Arabic word’slang’. So when Mr.Clinton did win the Presidency, much more than the Beach Boys- loving ‘did not inhale’ liberals, Arabs breathed a sigh of relief .After all , who wants to read a headline-‘ Slang new US President’? This time , the rustle over how to spell Barack Obama’s name in Mandarin is, therefore , a small print stuff.As Mr.Obama hit the Chinese road on Monday, some mandarins were scratching their metaphorical goatees about how to spell his name .Is it ‘Aobama’, as the Han would have it? Or should it be’Oubama’ , the way US officials want it to be?
Coming from the land that made us change MAO Tes-Tung to Mao Zedong and Peking to Beijing- not to mention Tibet to Tibetan Autonomous Region – one should have thought that more important matters related to US-China ties would grab attention than spelling a Kenyan name .But the politics of names do matter. If the Americans want to spell their president’s name in Mandarin in a certain way, it should be the prerogative. Just as the Chinese way of having the surname before the name-Mr.Wen , not Mr.Jiabao- should be respected.
Thankfully , we Indians with our Babel – speak give names a wide berth.It really does not matter whether we are writing’Cheen’ for China and ‘Umrika’ for America in Devnagari.Frankly, we know that whatever way we spell ManMohan Singh, he will still be the mild- mannered gent in the blue pagdi.Or is it purgee?
Choose the most appropriate option out of the following:

(i) Who was running against Bill Clinton for the White House?
(a)Barack Obama       (b)Bob Dole        (c)Hillary Clinton            (d)None of these.

(ii) How did the US officials want to pronounce Mr.Obama ?
(a)As Obama            (b)As Aobama      (c)As Oubama                (d) None of these.

(iii) There are more important matters relating to US –China ties than?
(a)Spelling an Arabian name                (b)Spelling an urdu name
(c)Spelling a Kenyan name                  (d)Spelling a Chinese name.

(iv) What is the Chinese way of having names?
(a)Do not use surname                        (b)Use surname after the name

(c)Use surname before the name      (d)None of these.

(v)What importance do we Indians give to our names?
(a)A wide berth           (b)A title importance         (c)No importance at all        (d) All of the above


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow –
The elephant is the heaviest animal to walk on Earth. An elephant could bear loading of 1200 pounds. They consume 300 pounds of food a day. An elephant infant could weigh 200 pounds at birth. Elephants could live up to 70 years. Elephants can be coached to bear logs with their trunks, and have been habituated in the forestry industry for numerous years. Elephants also use their trunks for water intake, bathing, food consumption and communication. Newly it was ascertained that elephants can intercommunicate over an outdistance of numerous miles applying Unhearable sounds to humans. Elephants apply their ears as a cooling down arrangement. Blood courses through veins in the ears and as the elephant waves his ears, the blood cools off and courses through the body to cool off other parts. Elephant feet are bombastic and round in shape. They administer the large animal’s weight efficaciously. In the yesteryear, elephants were shot down and their feet were made up into umbrella stands and small tables for holidaymakers. Now elephants are saved by special laws. There are two varieties of elephants found commonly around the globe. They are the African elephant which is famous for its big ears and the Indian elephant which is famous for its larger trunks. The African elephant matures up to 10 feet tall and weighs as much as 12,000 pounds. The Indian elephant matures up to 9 feet tall, and weighs up to 8000 pounds. It’s lighter to describe because of its little ears. Most circus elephants are Indian elephants. A different name for the Indian elephant is the Asian elephant. Regrettably, there is an arising battle between elephants and humans as more of the elephants’ habitat is developed. Elephants can demolish the crops of an full village in a single night, and this also does differences. At this consequence, there are about 600,000 elephants remaining in Africa.

Qu.1- Which part of their body do elephants use for food consumption and communication?
A- Trunk                 B-. Blood courses       C- veins            D-Ears

Qu.2 -what is the weight of an infant elephant?
A-300 pounds        B-200 pounds            C-1200 pounds       D- 12,000 pounds

Qu.3- Which elephant is larger after maturity?
A – African              B-Indian                      C- both are equally large         D- cannot say

Qu.4 What administers the large animal’s weight efficaciously?
A-round shape of trunk       B- bombastic feet        C- Blood courses       D-their variety

Qu.5 – What makes difference in elephants’ look, height and weight ?
A-Their varieties        B-their large trunks        C. their hearing of Unhearable sounds     D-their power

Qu.6- Why were elephants shot down in past years ?
A- their feet were useful                                               B-man was jealous of them
C- their feet were bombastic and round in shape      D- they were famous for their big ears

Qu.7-Find the most appropriate synonym of “CARRY” from the passage .
A- consume            B- demolish              C- habituated           D- bear

Qu.8- Find the most appropriate antonym of “ SINGLE” from the passage.
A- Unhearable        B – numerous         C- efficaciously        D- habitat

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