Unseen Comprehension Passage Class 7 Ex. 1 & 2

By | December 12, 2017
unseen passages

 Following are the reading comprehension exercises known by many names as comprehension passages, short unseen passage for practice etc. These reading comprehension passages with questions and answers and reading comprehension tips ,will help you improve reading comprehension skills. These English short reading passages for kids may be used as low level reading comprehension worksheets and reading comprehension practice test,  These online  comprehension ks2 exercise will enhance reading skills. Teachers may use them as free reading comprehension worksheets, gre comprehension passages for elementary students, as well as they will help in teaching reading comprehension skills.  Download in pdf and find comprehension strategies and know how to understand reading comprehension questions


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow
There are wild dogs and pet dogs. Pet dogs are helpers and friends to people. There were no pet dogs 15,000 years ago. Men and women learned how to work with dogs. Dogs helped humans travel from Asia to North America 10,000 years ago by pulling sleds in the snow. People say dogs are “man’s best friend.” They help with farming. They help with hunting. They help with fishing. They can pull things for people. They can help find things. There are many colors of dogs. There are white dogs, gray dogs, black dogs, and brown dogs. A dog’s fur can be short or long. Dogs have curly hair or straight fur. There are very small dogs. They are only 6-8 inches tall. There are very big dogs. They are about 3 feet tall. Some dogs can see well. Some dogs do not see very well. All dogs can hear well. They can hear sounds that people cannot hear. They can hear high sounds and low sounds. They can hear sound very far away. All dogs can smell very well. They can smell 40 times better than humans! Dogs live 5 to 13 years, but some dogs live much longer. One dog lived to be 24 years old!

1) Dogs helped people go to America by…
A. pulling sleds in the snow    B. helping with farming      C. helping find things     D. None of the above .

2) How tall are the smallest dogs?
A. 3 inches            B. 5 inches               C. 6 inches            D. 13 inches.

3) How tall are the biggest dogs?
A. 1 foot                B. 2 feet                   C. 3 feet                D. 5 feet

4) What can all dogs do well ?
A. see                   B. hear                      C. smell                 D. Both B and C are correct

5) How old was the oldest dog?
A. 5 years old      B. 10 years old      C. 13 years old       D. 24 years old

6) The opposite of pull is…
A. receive            B. carry                   C. push.                  D. help.

7) A dog’s fur is the dog’s…
A. nose                B. eyes                     C. hair                     D. ears

8) Another word for human is…
A. dog.                 B. animal.                 C. sound                 D. person.

1. pulling sleds in the snow           2. 6 inches                  3. 3 feet      4. Both B and C are correct

5. 24 years old                6. friendly animal.                     7. push. 8. hair

Download the above passage in PDF (Printable)




Read the following passage carefully:
US President Barack Obama’s energy plan calls for higher efficiency standards for cars as well as greater use of ethanol.It aims to cut US oil demand by about four million barrels a day.That’s equal to the combined oil consumption of France and Canada, and would knock the bottom off the world oil market.That has to be a good thing in a world of energy shortages, even though a study conducted at Stanford’s Woods Institute for the Environment claims that reliance on biofuels is not a good strategy.
If Obama’s new energy plan takes off, it would promote interest in research and development of clean, alternative energy options like those of wind, water , solar and hydrogen resources as well as develop hybrid vehicles. It would find ways of making crop-based biofuels viable.Oil’s long term costs, which include reliance on oilfields in geopolitically unstable parts of the world,would make it a far more expensive choice , besides its negative impacts on environment and health.
It might be that presently America’s ethanol-form-corn projects consume a great deal of energy and have driven upward the price of food crops on account of farmland diversion .But there are success stories in other places .In Brazil , sugarcane ethanol has reduced the country’s dependence on fossil fuels and cleaned up the transport industry.Morever, sugarcane cultivated for ethanol here is grown in the south, far away form the Amazonian rainforests.Therefore, a region-specific cost – benefit analysis of crop –based fuels would reveal what kind of crops are most suitable for use as fuel to supplement the world’s energy requirements in a manner that is beneficial to all.
A fall in US petrol demand will have a positive global impact since is the world’s largest importer of petrol.The new administration’s thrust on clean energy and scaling down of petrol consumption could well set the pace for a future where oil would no longer dominate geopolitics.

1.1.Complete the following sentences.Write your answer in the answer sheet:
(i)President Obama’s energy plan is aimed……………………………………..
(ii)A study at Stanford’s Woods Institute claims…………………………………
(iii)Obama’s new energy plan could find………………………………………..
(iv)America’s ethanol –from-corn have driven…………………………………..
(v)In Brazil, sugarcane ethanol has reduced ……………………………………..;.
(vi)Crops are most suitable for use as fuel to ………………………………………
(vii)A fall in US petrol demand will have a positive global impact……………………

1.2.Find words from the passage which mean the similar as the following paragraph indicated:
(i)Cause something to end (ii)that can be done or will work; possible (iii)to add to or complete something with something else.

Download the above passage in PDF (Printable)








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