The Thief’s Story – Important Word-Meanings of difficult words & Vocabulary

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The Thief’s story

ByRuskin Bond

Important Word-Meanings of difficult words from the lesson- The Thief’s story


 [PAGE 8] Trusts = relies on(विश्सवास करना )   betray = deceive, dupe (धोखा देना )   fairly = enough (काफी )  lean = weak and thin (कमजोर )  purpose = objective (उद्देस्य ) of late = for some days  (कुछ दिनों से ) confidence = good books  (विषस्यास ) wrestler = to strive by grappling (कुश्ती लड़ना )  flattery = false praise (चापलूसी )  modestly = humbly (भद्रतापूर्वक )  lied = to tell a lie  (झूट बोलना )  ahead = forward  (आगे )  introduction = formal presentation (परिचय )  grunting = roaring (गुर्राना )  casually = purposelessly  (बिना किसी उद्देस्य के ) appealing = attractive  (आकर्षक )

[PAGE 9] Perheps= probably (शायद ) meal= cooked food (पका हुआ भोजन ) strey= wandering(आवारा ) be off= run away (भाग जाना ) patted= stroked   (थपथपाया ) never mind = don’t worry (घबराओ मत )  grateful = obliged (आभारी )  achieve = obtain  ( प्राप्त करना )     pleasant = full of happiness (मधुर / सुखद )   profit = gain  (लाभ )

[PAGE 10] Fits and starts = seldom (कभी -कभी )  queer = strange (विचित्र ) publisher = one who gets books printed  (प्रकाशक )  tuck = to press in (छुपाकर रखना )  mattress = quilts (गद्दे )  opportunity = chance (अवसर )  trusting = reliable (विशव्यसनीये )   rob = to plunder (ठगना )  afford = to bear (सहन करना )  beam = ray (किरढ़ ) considering = thinking over  (विचार करना ) situation = condition (स्थिति )  crept up = to move slowly  (पेट के बल रेगना ) unlined = plain  (बिना झुर्रियों के )  marks = spots  (निशान )  scars = spots of wound  (घाव के निशान ) slid = glided   (सरक गया ) startled = surprised (हैरान ) crawled = moved slowly  (धीरे से सरकना ) aist = back side of stomach  (कमर )

 [PAGE 11] Dashed = pushed (अंधाधुन्द दौड़ना  ) straight =direct (सीधे ) carriages = train compartments  (रेल के डिब्बे ) hesibited = held back  (हिचकिचाना )  deserted = lonely (सुनसान )  curious = anxious (उत्सुक )  career = profession  (व्यवसाय ) acceptance = approval  (स्यीकृति ) chilly = cold (ठंडी )  drizzle = mild rain  (बूंदा -बांदी) discomfort = uneasiness (बेचैनी )

 [PAGE 12] Shelter = refuge (शरर /आश्रय )  damp = wet  (गीला )  probably = perhaps  (शायद )  excitement = stimulation (उत्तेजना ) matter =

affair (मामला )  hurried = to hasten (जल्दी -से )  nervous = uneasy (घवराना )   undetected = undiscovered  (बिना पता चले )  quietly = calmly (शांति से )  remained = to continue  (रहना ) still = even now  (अभी -भी ) edge = outer limit   (सिरा या किनारा ) stretched = extended  (फैलाया ) sank = to decline (डूवा )  spirits = courage  (साहस ) effort = attempt  (प्रयास )



Still— yet, Experienced —having the knowledge or skill, Fairly—enough  Successful—having achieved what you wanted, Hand(here) person, Wrestling— the act of combating, Approached— went near, Lean— weak and thin, Enough— sufficient, Purpose— objective, Able— worthy, Anti Confidence— trust, Bit— a little, small, Wrestler—skilled in wrestling, nattery— false praise, Modestly— humbly, Ahead— forward, Former— earlier, Employer— a person or firm that employs workers, Grunting— roaring, Throwing— tossing, Casually— purposelessly, Appealing— attractive, Perhaps— probably, Misjudged— guessed  wrongly, Feed— give food,


Terrible(here) very bad, fearful, Stray— wandering, Be off— to run away Wing wound— remained there, Couldn’t help- couldn’t, Patted- affectionate  Never mind— don’t care, Grateful— thankful, Supplies- providing what is required, Usually— normally, Mind— care,


By fits and starts— not regularly, casually, Borrow— lend, Celebrate— to enjoy, Queer— strange, Living—livelihood, Bundle— bunch, Publisher— a person or company that publishes books, Tuck(here) fold, Mattress—a quilted bed, Apart—besides, Opportunity—chance, Trusting—reliable, Rob—to take forcibly, Greedy—wanting more than you really need, Afford—to be able to do something, Careless—thoughtless, Notice—give attention, Out of practice—not in practice, Beam—ray of light, Stepped over—crossed, Situation—the things that are happening in a particular time, Crept up—crawled, moved quietly and carefully, Peacefully—calmly and quietly, Scars—spots, Slid—slipped, Searching—investigating, Sighed—heaved a sigh, Startled—bewildered, Crawled—moved slowly, String(here) material made of several threads twisted together, Slowed down—walked slowly,


Dashed— ran fast, Pick up speed— increased speed, Carriages—compartments, Hesitated—faltered Get away—run away, Deserted—barren, Trouble—worried, Curious—eager, Robbed—looted, Through—from one end to other, Career—profession  Acceptance(here) agreeing with the fate, Discovered—found out, Trust—faith, Chilly—very cold, Drizzle—light rain, Added—increased, Discomfort—uneasiness, Quite—completely  Heavily—too much, Across—opposite,

PAGE 12  

 Shelter— refuge, Damp— wet, Forgotten— not able to remember, Excitement— the state of being excited, Whole— entire, Respected— honourable, Hurried back— went back in a hurry, Nervous— upset, Undetected— without being noticed, Quietly— silently, Crept— moved quietly and carefully, Still—unmoved, Edge— corner, Slipped—slided accidentally, Awoke— got up, Already— in advance, Stretched— spread out, Heart sank— felt  Explained—said, Regularly— continuously, Spirits(here) courage, Wet— drenched, Appealing— attracting  Effort—attempt,

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