The Sound of Music Part-II- Quick Review of Chapter

By | February 3, 2023
The Sound of Music Part-II- Quick Review of Chapter

The Shennai of Bismillah Khan

                                  By- Deborah Cowley I


  1. Who banned the playing of pungi in the royal palace?

 (A) Babur                                                       (B) Akbar

(C) Shah Jahan                                                (D) Aurangzeb


Ans. (D) Aurangzeb

  1. Why did Aurangzeb ban the playing of pungi in the royal palace?

(A) it was played only by the Hindus              (B) it was an ill-omened instrument

(C) he did not like its unpleasant tone            (D) none of these

Ans. (A) it was played only by the Hindus

  1. Which family did the barber belong?

(A) professional barbers                                 (B) professional musicians

(C) professional soldiers                                 (D) professional beggars

 Ans. (B) professional musicians


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  1. What did the barber decide to do?

(A) to play the pungi before the Emperor   (B) not to cut the emperor’s hair

 (C) to request the emperor to lift the ban from the playing of pungi

(D) to improve the quality of the pungi


Ans. (D) to improve the quality of the pungi

  1. Where did he play his newly discovered music instrument for the first time?

(A) in the Shah’s chambers                 (B) before the public

 (C) in the open court                          (D)) none of these

 Ans. (A) In the Shah’s chambers

  1. What name was given to this new instrument?

(A) new pungi                                      (B) improved pungi


(C) shehnai                                          (D) none of these

Ans. (C) shehnai

  1. How the sound of shehnai began to be considered?

(A) auspicious                                      (B) ill-omened

(C) unpleasant                                     (D) a sign of mourning

Ans. (A) auspicious

  1. When and where is shehnai played?

(A) in temples                                    (B) in weddings

(C) on auspicious occasions                (D) all the options are right

 Ans. (D) all the options are right

  1. What credit is given to Ustad Bismillah Khan regarding shehnai?

(A) inventing shehnai                          (B) inventing pungi

(C) bring shehnai onto the classical stage (D) none of these


Ans. (C) bring shehnai onto the classical stage

  1. Who do you know is Bismillah Khan?

(A) a politician                                     (B) a shehnai maestro

 (C) an actor                                        (D)) a writer

Ans. (B) a shehnai maestro

  1. Where did Bismillah Khan regularly go to sing Bhojpuri thaltat ?

 (A) Bihariji Temple                            (B) Jama Masjid

(C) Rumpurva Temple                        (D)) Durga Temple

 Ans. (A) Bihariji Temple

  1. Where was Bismillah Khan born?

 (A) Varanasi                           (B) Prayag


(C) Dumraon                           (D) none of these


Ans. (C) Dumraon

  1. What was Bismillah Khan’s grandfather?

 (A) a soldier                                       (b) an actor

(C) a courtier                                      (D) the shehnai Nawaz of the Bhojpur King’s court

 Ans. (D) the shehnai Nawaz of the Bhojour King’s court

  1. What was the name of Bismillah Khan’s father?

(A) Rasool Brix Khan                           (B) Paigambar Bux


(C) All Bux                                           (D) liazrat Rasool Kaar

 Ans. (B) Paugambar Bux

  1. Who was Ali Bux?

(A) Bismillah’s father                          (B) Bismillah’s grandfather

(C) Bismillah’s maternal uncle           (D) Bismillah’s friend

Ans. (C) Bismillah’s maternal uncle

  1. Bismillah Khan was deeply attached to____

(A) the Sutlej                                       (B) the Ganga

 (C) the Narmada                                (D) the Godavari

 Ans. (B) the Ganga

  1. On August 15, 1947, which Raag was played by Bismillah Khan from the Red Fort?

(A) Raag Malhaar                               (B) Raag Deepak

(C) Raag Kati                                       (D) Raag Megh


Ans. (C) Raag Kafi

  1. Which film is named after Bismillah’s instrument?

 (A) Shehnai Ki Awaj                                        (B) Shehnai Ka Raja


(C) Shehnai Wala                                            (D) Gunj Uthi Shehnai

 Ans. (D) Gunj Uthi Shehnai

  1. Of the following which is Bismillah Khan’s composition?

 (A) Dil ka khilona hai toot gaya                     (B) Mere khuda mujhko na bhoolana

(C) Main Tere dar to aaya Noon                     (D) Ye Dil ka taranaa hai

Ans. (A) Dil ka khilona hai toot gaya

  1. When was Bismillah Khan awarded the highest civilian award ‘Bharat Ratna’?

(A) in 2000                                                      (B) in 2001

(C) in 2002                                                      (D) in 2003

Ans. (B) in 2001

  1. Where is Lincoln Center Hall situated?

 (A) UK                                                             (B) the USA

(C) Canada                                                      (D) France

Ans. (B) USA

  1. Bismillah Khan took part in :

(A) the World Exposition in Montreal            (B) the Cannes Art Festival

(C) the Osaka Trade Fair                                (D) All of these

Ans. (D) All of these

  1. Tahar Mosiquee Ustaad Bismillah Khan auditorium is situated in :

(A) Montreal                                                   (B) Osaka

(C) Teheran                                                     (D) Behrin

Ans. (C) Teheran

24.Which national award was conferred on Ustad Bismillah Khan?


(A) the Padmashri                                           (B) the Padma Bhushan

(C) the Palma Vibhushan                                (D) All of these


Ans. (D) All of these

  1. Which is India’s highest civilian award?

(A) the Padmashri                                           (B) the Padma Bhushan

 (C) the Padma Vibhushan                              (D) the Bharat Ratna

 Ans. (D) the Bharat Ratna

  1. According to Bismillah Khan, what is Hindustan’s richest tradition?

(A) earning money                                          (B) music

 (C) spirituality                                                (D) politics

Ans. (B) music

  1. Bismillah Khan was called

(A) Khansaab                                                   B) Bismillahsaab

(C) Kingsaab                                                    (D) Ustadsaab

 Ans. (A) Khansaab


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