The Sermon at Benares- Important Word-Meanings of difficult words

By | August 20, 2020

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The Sermon at Benares

By Betty Crenshaw

Important Word-Meanings of difficult words  from the lesson- The Sermon at Benares


[PAGE 133] : Sacred = pious (पवित्र); sculptures = religious books (धार्मिक पुस्तकें); befitted -= suited (उचित था); royalty = kingly family (शाही परिवार); heretofore = till then (तब तक); shielded = protected (रक्षा की); chanced-upon = saw by chance (संयोग से देखा); funeral procession = procession of a dead body for cremation (शव – यात्रा); monk= mendicant (भिक्षु); alms = beggings (भिक्षा)l; enlightenment = spiritual knowledge (आध्यात्मिक ज्ञान); witnessed = saw (देखा) ; vowed = swore (कसम खाई) I

[PAGE 134] : Preached = gave sermons (उपदेश दिया);

sermon = preaching (उपदेश); dipping /paces=place where people take bath (नहाने के स्थान); preserved = protected (रक्षा  की); reflects = shows (दिखाना)inscrutable = mysterious (रहस्य पूर्ण); at length = in the end (अंत में); physician = doctor (डॉक्टर); repaired=(here) went (गया); mustard-seed = an oil seed (सरसों); procure = get (प्राप्त करना); grief = sorrow (दुःख); weary = tired (थक गई); hopeless = in despair (दुःख में); flickered up = shone (चमका); extinguished = put out (बुझ गया); desolation = deep sorrow (गहरा दुःख); immortality = deathlessness (अमरत्व); surrendered = submitted (हार मान लेना /समर्पण करना); mortals = human beings (नश्वर)

[PAGE 135] : Earthen vessels = pot made of baked clay (मिट्टी का बर्तन); potter = one who makes pots (कुम्हार); overcome = controlled by (नियंत्रित होना); depart = go away (चले जाना); kinsmen = relatives (रिश्तेदार); mark = look (देखना); lamenting = grieving (अफ़सोस करना); slaughter = killing (वध करना); afflicted with = affected by (पीड़ित होना); decay = rotting/degeneration (गलत /पतन होना); pale = yellow (पीला); composed = controlled (शांत); blessed = the one who gets blessing (जिसे आशीर्वाद मिला हो)

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