The Last Leaf- Important Extra Questions- Very Short Answer Type

By | July 22, 2021


By 0. Henry

Very Short Answer Type Important Questions

1. Who were Sue and Johnsy?

Ans. Sue and Johnsy were two artists.

2. What happened to Johnsy?

Ans. Johnsy fell very seriously ill in November.

3. What fear did Johnsy have in her mind?

Ans. She feared that she would die on the day when the last leaf on the creeper fell.

4. Why was the doctor confused about Johnsy’s illness?

Ans. The doctor was confused because no medicine was proving effective on Johnsy.

5. What was happening to the leaves on the creeper outside Johnsy’s window?

Ans. The leaves were falling because of the extreme cold and strong wind.

6. Who was Behrman?

Ans. Behrman was an old painter.

 7. What did Behrman do?

Ans. Ile painted a picture of creeper with a leaf on the wail.

8. What happened to Behrman?

Ans. Behrman died of pneumonia.

9. What was Behrntan’s dream?

Ans. Behrman’s dream was to paint a masterpiece.

10. What was Behrman’s masterpiece?

 Ans. The painting of a creeper with a leaf on it was Behnnan’s masterpiece.

11. Was Johnsy’s life saved?

Ans. Yes, Johnsy’s life was saved.

12. Who saved Johnsy’s life?

Ans. The old painter Behrman save Johnsy’s life.

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