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The Hack Driver

By Sinclair Lewis


1.After doing graduation with honours, what job did the narrator get?

(A) teacher                                    (B) junior assistant clerk in a law firm

(C) lawyer                                      (D) police officer

Ans. (B) junior assistant clerk in a law firm

2. What job was assigned to the narrator in the law firm?

(A) serve summons                     (B) prepare legal briefs

(C) fight cases                               (D) all of the above

Ans. (A) serve summons

3. Where was the narrator sent one day?

(A) New Mullion                          (B)’ Old Mullion

(C) Red Mullion                           (D) Hill Mullion

Ans. (A) New Mullion

4. The narrator was sent to New Mullion to serve a summons on:

(A) Fritz                                         (B) Gustaff

(C) Oliver Lutkins                      (D) Oliver Lutkins’ mother

Ans. (C) Oliver Lutkins

5. New Mullion was at a distance of kilometres from the place where the narrator was employed.

(A) ten                                           (B) twenty

(C) thirty                                      (D) forty

Ans. (D) forty

6. The narrator went to New Mullion by :

(A) bus                                          (B) train

(C) plane                                      (D) hack

Ans. (B) train

7. What was the only agreeable sight when the narrator reaches New Mullion station?

(A) streets                                    (B) shops

(C) the delivery man                (D) all of the above

Ans. (C) the delivery man

8.  How was the delivery man to the narrator?

(A)  friendly                                (B) haughty

(C)  indifferent                          (D) cold

Ans. (A) friendly

9. Who offered the narrator to help in locating Oliver Lutkins?

(A) Gustaff                                  (B) Fritz

(C) Oliver’s mother                  (D) The Hack Driver

Ans. (D) The Hack Driver

10.  Who was the Hack Driver actually?

(A) Fritz                                       (B) Gustaff

(C) Oliver Lutkins                    (D) Gray

Ans. (C) Oliver Lutkins

11. Where did the hack driver take the narrator first of all?

(A) Fritz’s shop                          (B) Gustaff’s shop

(C) Gray’s shop                         (D) Oliver’s mother’s farmhouse

Ans. (A) Fritz’s shop

12. Who gave himself a false name ‘Bill’?

(A) the narrator                      (B) Oliver Lutkins

(C) Fritz                                      (D) Gustaff

Ans. (B) Oliver Lutkins

13. Where did the narrator and the hack driver enjoy their lunch?

(A) in a big restaurant          (B) at Oliver’s house

(C) at Fritz’s house                  (D) on Wade’s Hill

Ans. (D) on Wade’s Hill

14. Oliver’s mother rush after the narrator in her hand.

(A) an iron rod                         (B) a gun

(C) a stick                                   (D) a stone

Ans. (A) an iron rod

15. Did the narrator find Oliver during his first visit to New Mullion? 

(A) yes                                        (B) no

(C) maybe                                 (D) not known

Ans. (B) no

16. Why was the narrator ordered back to New Mullion once again?

(A) to arrest Lutkins             

(B) to serve the summons on him

(C) to live permanently in New Mullion        

(D) all of the above

 Ans. (B) to serve summons of him

17. Who was sent with the narrator on his second visit to New Mullion?

(A) a relative of Lutkins       

(B) an experienced lawyer

(C) a man who had worked with Lutkins      

(D) none of the above

Ans. (C) a man who had worked with Lutkins

18. Was the narrator successful in serving a summons on Lutkins on his second visit?

(A) yes                                         (B) no

(C) maybe                                   (D) may not be

Ans. (A) yes

19.  What was Gustaff?

(A) a barber                               (B) a butcher

(C) a hack driver                      (D) a carpenter

Ans. (A) a barber

20. Who is the writer of the story ‘The Hack Driver’?

(A) Guy de Maupassant         (B) Sinclair Lewis

(C) K.A. Abbas                            (D) Claire Boiko

Ans. (B) Sinclair Lewis

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