The Hack Driver- Important Word-Meanings of difficult words

By | June 30, 2020

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The Hack Driver

By Sinclair Lewis

Important Word-Meanings of difficult words from the lesson- The Hack Driver


[PAGE 47] : Hack = A horse-drawn vehicle (घोड़ागाड़ी); serve = to issue (तामील करवाना); summons= court orders (अदालत के आदेश); magnificent = glorious (शानदार); legal = lawful (कानूनी); briefs = summary of cases (मुकद्दमे का संक्षेप); detective = secret agent (गुप्तचर); victims = preys (शिकार); unpleasant= vulgar (भद्दा); revealed = disclosed (प्रत्यक्ष करना); considered = thought over (विचार किया); fleeing = running away (भाग जाना); rejoiced = felt happy (आनंदित होना); witness = evidence (गवाह); ignored = neglected (अवहेलना करना); expectations = hopes (आशाएँ); severely = violent (प्रचंड); disappointed = frustrated (निराश); bare = naked (नंगा) I Graduating(here) often getting a university degree, Assistant—Junior, Magnificent—grand, Firm—company, Legal briefs-

Summary of legal facts, Serve summons—sending summons of the court, call from the court, Wrill Victims—targets, Considered—thought, Fleeing—running away, Rejoiced—delighted, County(here) district, Witness-person who sees something happening, Ignored—avoided, Eager—enthusiastic, Severely—extremely, Sour brown—unpleasant brown colour, Agreeable—pleasant, Delivery man—one who deliver goods, Cheerful—happy, Well worn—quite worn, Always up to something(here) doing one mischief or the other, Poker—a card game of betting, Hack—a coach that is hired, Hangs out—wanders about, Glowed—shone, Warmth(here) warmth of friendliness, Affection—love, Fare money—hire money, bargain(here) to settle price, Sort of—kind of, Task—job, work, Interfere—intervene, cents—half a dollar,

[PAGE 48] : Probably = more likely (संभवतया); poker game = a game of cards (ताश का खेल) locating = finding out (ढूँढना); glowed = shone (चमक उठा); warmth = heat (गर्माहट); affection = love (स्नेह); glad= happy (ख़ुशी); managed = arranged (प्रबंध कर लेना); bargain = settlement of once (सौदेबाजी करना); sort = type (प्रकार); interfere = meddle (हस्तक्षेप करना) I

[PAGE 49] : Suspicious = doubtful (संदेहास्पद); confidence = trust (विश्वास); settled = fixed (तय कर लिया ); earnestly = honestly (ईमानदारीपूर्वक); folks= people (लोग); proceed = to go ahead (आगे बढ़ना); deceiving = cheating (धोखा देते हुए); admire = praise (प्रशंसा करना); talent = quality (गुण); regret = sorry (खेद); cheerily = merrily (प्रसन्नतापूर्वक); hesitated = held hack (हिचक जाना); admitted = accepted (स्वीकार कर लेना); lingered= stayed back (पीछे ठहर जाना); concluded = guessed (निष्कर्ष निकाला); exhausted = finished (समाप्त कर देना); poolroom = gamble house (जुआघर); pursued = chased (पीछा किया); rough = vulgar (भद्दा); scarcely = hardly (मुश्किल से) Part with — separate, Fancy— fine and fashionable, Suspicious—doubtful, Fritz’s(here) Fritz’s shop, Information— knowledge, Settled(here) decided,  Earnestly— seriously, honestly, Folks— people, Proceed— move towards, Just— exact, Admire— praise, Regret—repentance, Cheerfully—happily Hesitated—faltered, Lingered(here) kept standing, Owes— has to pay, Concluded— decided, Exhausted—finished, Credit(here) money, cash, Probably— perhaps, Pool room— a gambling den, Pursued— followed, fail suurcety—hardly,

[PAGE 50] : Charge = to cost (कीमत लेना); greasy = oily (चिकना); entirely = completely (पूर्णतया); country = rural side (देहात); pastures = meadows (चारागाहें); creek = small gulf (छोटी खाड़ी): slipped = slided (फिसल जाना); commented = expressed views (विचार व्यक्त किए); strengthened = gave strength (मजबूत करना); resumed = started again (दुबारा आरंभ किया); guessed = concluded (अनुमान लगाया); Ought to— should, Greasy(here) Oily, Sick of— fed up, Country—rural, Pastures— grazing grounds, Creek— a narrow, inlet on sea coast, Minister’s— of the clergyman, Commented— made comments on, Made them live(here) describe as if they were alive, standing before, Adventures(here) courageous acts, Philosophy— school of thought, Woods— forests, Resumed— started again, Terror— one who terrorises, Sighed— breathed deeply, Skin off— took the skin off, Swearing(here) calling names, Enormoushuge, Sound(here) appear, Retired— went back, Seized— caught, Stove— hearth, Iron(here) iron rod, Frightened— scared, Retreat— moving back, Whispered— spoke softly, Pretty(here), enough, Disrespectful— insulting, Treatment—behaviour, Storeyfloor, Peering— peeping inside, Barn— granary, Stable place where horses are kept,

[PAGE 51] : Terror = fright (आतंक); swearing = to say firmly (दृढ़ता से कहना); enormous = very big in size (विशालकाय); Carter = coachman (गाड़ीवान); represents= a member of delegation (प्रतिनिधि होना); impressed = convinced (प्रभावित हुआ); retired = went away (चला जाना); seized = hold (पकड़ना); retreat = receding (पीछे हट जाना); peering = looking (झांकना); examined = enquired (निरीक्षण किया); barn = granary (अनाज का भंडार गृह); worried = troubled (चिंतित); strict = hard (कठोर); excited = stimulated (उत्तेजित); treasure = anything much valued (खजाना); upset = confused (परेशान) I  Promising—potentially bright, Legal career—legal profession, Ditch—moat, Begged—requested,Ought—should,

[PAGE 52] : Promising = giving assurance (वचन देते हुए); career = way of making a livelihood (व्यवसाय); hinted = pointed (संकेत किया); ditches = moats (खाइयां); prevent = stop (रोकना); loafing = to spend time idly (आवारागर्दी करना); companion = mate (साथी); hurt = pricked (चुभना); anxious = troubled (चिंताग्रस्त); missed = failed to obtain (चूक जाना) I

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