The Ghat of the Only World-Important Extra Questions Long Answer Type

By | October 7, 2021
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The Ghat of the Only World

                                                   By- Amitav Ghosh

Important Long/ Detailed Answer Type Questions- to be answered in about 100 -150 words each Value based questions-

Long Answer Questions 

1. Who was Shahid? Trace the story of his painful struggle through life.

  Ans.   Shahid was a young Kashmiri who had migrated to America. He studied in Arizona and later taught at various universities across the U.S. But he was deeply attached to his parents in Kashmir. He used to visit his homeland off and on. He was a poet who wrote in English. His poetry was greatly influenced by James Merrill. His brother and two sisters were also settled in America. His destiny played a cruel joke on him. He had a blackout in 2000. Tests revealed that he had a malignant tumour in his brain. Several operations were performed but to no avail. His friendship with Amitav in Brooklyn consoled him a little. He knew his end was approaching. He made his peace with it. He requested Amitav to write something about him after his death.

2. Give a brief character sketch of Shahid. What were the things he was most fond of?

  Ans.   Shahid was born in Kashmir but settled in America. He had his education in Delhi. He was a brilliant poet. He taught literature at several colleges and universities. But his life was cut short because of a brain tumour. He suffered from cancer for about 14 months. But all operations and therapies failed to do any good. In spite of his approaching death, he remained lively and cheerful. He was by nature fond of Kashmiri dishes and a fan of Begum Akhtar. He was broad-minded and secular. In childhood, he had set up a Hindu temple in his room. He loved Kashmir but hated violence. He had made peace with his approaching death and died in sleep on 8th December.

3. How did Amitav, the writer, come in contact with Shahid? How did he fulfil his friend’s last wish?


Ans. Amitav first came to know about Shahid through his collection of poems “The Country without a Post Office”. The two had studied in Delhi but had never met. They had a few common friends and they talked on the phone. Then in February 2000, Shahid moved to Brooklyn where Amitav also lived. His condition was serious. He had a sudden blackout. He lived some eight blocks away. Their casual acquaintance changed into friendship. Amitav and Shahid had common likes and dislikes. They met at Shahid’s house regularly. Other friends also joined them. In 2001, Shahid requested the writer to write something about him after his death. And he promised to oblige Shahid.

4. Give a few instances of Shahid’s liveliness, gregariousness and sharpness in repartee.

Ans. Shahid never accepted defeat even after knowing that his death was approaching. He tried to be cheerful, lively, witty and sociable. His gregariousness had no limit. He loved company. His house was the meeting place of his friends. Even during the last days of his life, Shahid surrounded himself with friends and laughter. There was always food, tea and poetry being discussed in his living room. He also had a sharp wit. Once at Barcelona airport, he was stopped by a woman guard for questioning. She asked about his vocation. His answer was that he was a poet who wrote poetry. The woman finally asked him if he was carrying anything that could be dangerous to other passengers. He declared that he was carrying only his heart. This was an instance of his repartee.

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