The Fun They Had- Introduction, Theme & Central Idea

By | August 12, 2020

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The Fun They Had

ByIsaac Asimov

Introduction of the lesson- The Fun They Had


 This story is set in future when books and schools as we have now perhaps will not exist. Two students of that period about 150 years advance from today find a printed book. They are surprised very much. They talk about the schools and books of the old period. They compare those schools with those of their own which are situated in their homes and have mechanical teachers to teach them. They find their own schools dull and boring. They think that it was great fun to study in the schools of old times when all the kids in the area went there to learn the same thing by a man teacher.

 ( इस कहानी की रचना भविष्य काल में की गई है जब शायद आज की तरह  के स्कूल और पुस्तकें उपलब्ध नहीं होंगे । आज से  लगभग 150 वर्ष बाद के काल में  दो विद्यार्थी एक छपी हुई पुस्तक को  देखते  है । वे बहुत हैरान हो जाते हैं । वे पुराने जमाने के स्कूल  और पुस्तकों  के बारे में बात करते है  वे उस ज़माने के  स्कूलों  की  अपने जमाने के स्कूलों के साथ तुलना करते हैं, जोकि उनके घरों में स्थित है और उन्हें पढ़ाने वाले शिक्षक तकनीकी शिक्षक है  । उन्हें  अपने  स्कूल भददे और नीरस लगते हैँ। वे सोचते हैं कि पुराने जमाने के स्कूलों में  अध्ययन करना बहुत ही रोचक होता था , जब  क्षेत्र के सभी बच्चे एक मनुष्य अध्यापक से  एक जैसा सबक सीखने के लिए जाते थे ।)


“The Fun They Had” is a short story that falls in the category of science fiction and has the future year 2157 as its background setting. It takes us into a world where computers will play a major role in educating children. Schools that use paper books and that encourage mutual interaction between teachers and students will cease to exist.

Plot/ Theme / Central Idea of the Lesson/ Literary Analysis of The Fun They Had/ Main Idea

The story “The Fun They Had” by Isaac Asimov is about the year 2157 when every child has his own machine teacher and schools like today do not exist anymore. Asimov wrote this story in 1951 for a syndicated newspaper page. Later “The Fun They Had” was published in “Fantasy and Science Fiction” magazine.

In the year 2157, the thirteen-year-old Tommy finds an old book. He and Margie, who is eleven, find it strange that the words on paper do not move after having been read. Nowadays they only read stories on the computer screen. The book is about school centuries ago. Margie is very surprised that in the past pupils had a person as a teacher and that all children of the same age learnt the same thing and went to a schoolhouse with other children. Margie wants to read more of the book but first, she has to learn with her machine teacher whose level is too advanced for her and she thinks the school in those days was much better than today. Ultimately the theme is to understand the importance of the present time lively school atmosphere in which we keep on finding faults over nothing.


 The main theme in the short story ‘The Fun They Had’ is that of education. More specifically, the narrative deals with the future of education which will become increasingly Computerized and estranged from social interactions.

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