The Enemy- Multiple Choice Questions in Quiz Part-1

By | August 22, 2020

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The Enemy

                                                 By- Pearl S. Buck


1.The name of the main character in ‘The Enemy’ is

(a) Dr Huen Tsang                    (b) Dr Sadao Hoki

(c) Dr Chung Wa                     (d) Dr Hao Chi

2.’Those islands yonder, they are the stepping stones to the future for Japanese words were spoken by Sadao’s

(a) father                    (b) mother                      (c) nephew                   (d) wife

3.The chief concern for Sadao’s father was

 (a) Sadao’s wedding                        (b) Sadao’s education

(c) Sadao’s migration                        (d) Sadao’s treatment

4.Sadao went to America when he was

(a) 42 years old                         (b) 22 years old             (c) 50 years old                 (d) 18 years old

5.Sadao went to America to learn

(a) psychiatry                            (b) surgery and medicine

(c) music                                  (d) fine arts

6.Sadao became not only a surgeon but also

(a) an astronomer                   (b) a scientist

(c) a pianist                              (d) a vocalist

7.He was not sent abroad with the troops because

(a) the General needed an operation (b) his wife did not let him go

(c) he wanted to stay back                 (d) his father did not allow him to go

8.Sadao’s wife’s name was

(a) Mary                 (b) Hana                      (c) Christine                    (d),Judy

9.Sadao met his wife in

(a) Japan             (b) China                         (c) America                   (d) India

10.Sadao had met Hana at the house of

(a) a friend                                    (b) a student

(c) his American professor        (d) a cousin


1.(b) Dr Sadao Hold             

2. (a), father

3.(b) Sadao’s education          

4. (b) 22 years old

5.(b) surgery and medicine  

6. (b) A scientist

7.(a) the General who needed an operation

8. (b) Hana

9.(c) America                     

10. (c) his American professor.

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