The Duck and the Kangaroo-Important Extra Questions- Very Short Answer Type

By | July 20, 2021


By- Edward Lear

Very Short Answer Type Questions

 1. How does a Kangaroo run?

Ans. A Kangaroo runs by hopping.

2. Where did the Duck live?

 Ans. The Duck lived in a nasty pond.

3. What did the Duck Wish?

Ans. The Duck wished that the Kangaroo should give him a ride on his back.

4. How would the Duck sit?

Ans. The Duck would sit still.

5. Where does the Duck wish to go?

Ans. The Duck wishes to go to the Dee and the Jelly Bo Lee

6. What fear was there in the Kangaroo’s mind?

 Ans. The Kangaroo feared that the wet and cold feet of the Duck would make him fall ill.

7. How were the Duck’s feet?

Ans. The Duck’s feet were very wet and cold.

8. What did the Duck buy?

Ans. The Duck bought four pairs of worsted socks and a clock.

9. Why will the Duck smoke a cigar daily?

 Ans. The Duck will smoke a cigar daily to keep himself warm.

10. How many times did the Duck and the Kangaroo go round the world together?

Ans. They went around the world together three times.

11. Who was happy after the ride?

Ans. Both the Duck and the Kangaroo were happy after the ride.

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