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The Duck and the Kangaroo is a kind of The Duck Song. It is well explained through Introduction, Message, Theme, Title, Characters, Summary in English, Summary in Hindi, Word meanings, Complete lesson in Hindi, Extracts, Long answers, Short answers, Very short Answers, MCQs and much more by Edumantra.


By- Edward Lear


(to be answered in about 100 – 150 words each)

Q1. How was the Duck able to leave her ‘nasty pond’ and do away with the boredom of her life?

Ans:- The Duck couldn’t hop like a Kangaroo, yet she longed to leave her boring pond to explore the world. She had observed the Kangaroo hopping all around and enjoying his life. So she decided to request him to take her along for a ride. Being farsighted, she foresaw the Kangaroo’s objection regarding her wet and cold feet. So, she bought four pairs of worsted socks to cover her feet so that the Kangaroo did not feel uncomfortable. As expected, when the Kangaroo expressed his apprehension about contracting rheumatism, the Duck readily offered the solution. Soon the two set out on a journey around the world. Thus, the Duck was able to leave her boring pond and enjoy life with the Kangaroo. They hopped around the world three times and became the happiest pair of all.

Q2. What apprehension did the Kangaroo have about the Duck’s proposed ride? How does he convey this apprehension? How does the Duck allay his fear?

Ans:-The Kangaroo was prone to bouts of rheumatism, a disease that causes stiffness, inflammation and pain in joints. When the Duck requested him to take her on a ride, he was a bit apprehensive and reluctant because her wet feet could increase chances of his getting rheumatism. He was frank and outspoken, so he did not mince his words while conveying his apprehension to the Duck. However, before objecting to the Duck’s proposal, he admitted that it could bring him luck. Still, he considered the entire matter carefully and told the Duck firmly but politely that her feet were unpleasantly wet which could probably give him the ‘roo-Matiz’. On her part, the clever and farsighted Duck had already foreseen the hurdle and had kept four pairs of worsted woollen socks ready to keep her feet dry and warm.

 Q3. What values can you draw from the poem “The Duck and the Kangaroo”?

 Ans:-The poem teaches us the values of generosity and humility in winning own friends and finding happiness. Those who are generous in acknowledging and appreciating the capabilities of others gain a lot in life. Admiration and politeness are positive values that make others comfortable. These qualities help to win good friends and make life very happy and enjoyable. The Duck and the Kangaroo, both are very polite and courteous with each other. The Duck acknowledges the Kangaroo’s hopping skills and offers generous admiration. This wins the Kangaroo’s heart and he gives serious thought to the Duck’s request. He puts forth his objection in a very polite manner and accepts the Duck’s solution humbly. Mutual respect and politeness help them to not only enjoy each other’s company but also fulfil the Duck’s desire to leave her boring pond and venture out into the world.

Q4. Both the Duck and the Kangaroo are very sensitive creatures. Elucidate.

Ans:- Both the Duck and the Kangaroo are very sensitive creatures. The Duck analyses the problem of monotony that she faces in her life in a rational way. She observes the Kangaroo hopping all about the land and the sea enjoying life. She contrasts this with her constrained life in the nasty pond and requests the Kangaroo to take her out of her boring life into the far and wide world. The Kangaroo too is sensible. He takes time to consider the Duck’s request and is very careful in his choice of words while putting forth his objection. The Duck again displays her cleverness and farsightedness when she reveals that she is already prepared with an effective solution to the Kangaroo’s objection. Hence, both the creatures enjoy each other’s company and their sensible decision dispels boredom from the Duck’s life and brings luck to the Kangaroo.

Q5. What idea do you form about the Kangaroo after reading the poem?

Ans:-The Kangaroo is an energetic creature who loves adventure and fun. Though he has a helpful attitude, he is sensible enough not to harm his own interest while offering help. That is why he very frankly but politely tells the Duck the reason for his reluctance to take her on a trip. He is very cautious and practical. He believes in taking precautions in advance to avoid trouble. Hence apart from making sure that the wet and cold feet of the duck will bring him no harm, he gives instructions in advance to the Duck to sit steadily on the tip of his tail so that he might not lose balance. The Kangaroo shapes up as a straightforward creature that is polite but firm in his dealings. Once he makes a commitment, he keeps it. Thus, his frankness and honesty win over the Duck’s heart and both he and the Duck thoroughly enjoy the ride.

Q6. Bring out the humour in the poem “The Duck and the Kangaroo”.

Ans:-The Duck and the Kangaroo” is a Nonsense Verse and is full of humorous elements. The basic structure of the poem is a conversation between a Duck and a Kangaroo which is very amusing. The honest manner in which the Duck pays compliments to the Kangaroo for his hopping skills makes the reader smile. The imaginary names, ‘Dee and Jelly Bo Lee’, given to places that the Duck wishes to visit sound very funny. Distorting rheumatism to ‘roo-Matiz’ adds another funny element to the poem. The thoughtful manner in which the Kangaroo considers the Duck’s proposal is comical too. The Kangaroo’s objection to the Duck’s cold and wet feet and the Duck’s solution through the use of worsted socks, cloak and cigar tickle the reader’s ribs. Thus, the humour is subtle but well-woven in the fabric of the poem.

Q7. Why does the Duck appreciate Kangaroo’s hopping?

 Ans. As a matter of fact, the Duck wants to have a ride on the Kangaroo’s back. The Duck lives in a nasty pond and gets bored. She also wants to enjoy the beauty of the world. But she knows that she cannot go beyond the pond. When she sees the Kangaroo hopping on the land, she thinks how lucky the Kangaroo is that he can go anywhere on the land and enjoy the beauty of the world. She appreciates the Kangaroo’s hoping to make her happy and then requests him to let her sit on her back and visit the beautiful world. Due to her sweetness and politeness, the Kangaroo allows her to sit at the end of his tail. Though the Kangaroo tells the Duck to sit steady and quiet still so that he would not lose his balance.

Q8. “Our politeness and humility compel others to accept our request.” Do you agree with this statement? Write your answer with reference to the poem ‘The Duck and the Kangaroo’.

Ans. It is absolutely true that our politeness and humility compels others to accept our request. As we read in the poem that the Duck politely requests the Kangaroo to make her visit the beautiful world and the Kangaroo accepts her request. So, if we want to get our work done by others, we have to be polite and humble to them. We cannot get any work done forcefully. If we force someone to do some work, he/she would do that work reluctantly and hence the work would not be perfect. So, we should always request somebody politely to get our work done. But remember, if someone does our work, we should feel grateful to him/her and be ready to help him/ her as well.

Q9. Our ability to convince others helps us to achieve our goals. Explain how the Duck convinces the Kangaroo to tour the world.

 Ans. When the Duck proposes to the Kangaroo for a world tour, the Kangaroo is hesitant. The Kangaroo feels that it may get rheumatism because of the wet and cold feet of the Duck. But the Duck assures that she will wear socks and a cloak to keep herself warm. The Duck would sit still and say nothing but ‘Quack’. Further, the Duck says that they can see so many places around the world. So the Duck was able to convince the Kangaroo that a world tour will be of great joy.

Q10. Has any of your friends or relatives ever urged you for your help? Did you help him/ her? How? Answer with reference to the poem ‘The Duck and the Kangaroo’.

Ans. Mr Sharma is a clerk in a bank. I call him uncle. His daughter was studying in Class-10. Then I was studying in Delhi University and had opted for mathematics. As far as my performance is concerned I have been a brilliant student. I have always secured above 90% marks. Besides, I have taught a good number of students and they have performed better in their exams. Now they are studying in some good colleges and some of them have chosen the engineering course. As the income of my uncle is meagre he politely requested me to teach his daughter. I became impressed with his manner and assured him that I would teach mathematics to his daughter. I had taught her for three months and charged nothing. I completed and revised her course. Above all, I prepared her for the exam thoroughly. As a result, she secured more than 98% marks in the examination.

Q11. Going on a world tour makes us happy and increases our knowledge. Explain how the Duck managed to tour the world with the Kangaroo.

Ans. The Duck was bored with her life in the nasty pond. She wanted to tour the world. As her ability to move around was limited, the Duck wanted the Kangaroo to carry her on its back. The Duck was impressed by the ability of the Kangaroo to hop along fast. After accepting the conditions of the Kangaroo, the Duck sat at the tip of the Kangaroo’s tail and both of them went on a world tour.

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