The Adventures of Toto- Introduction

By | August 14, 2020

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The Adventures of Toto

                                                                                    By- Ruskin Bond

Introduction of the lesson- The Adventures of Toto


 This is an interesting story. The narrator’s grandfather was fond of keeping different kinds of pets. One day, he bought a monkey from a tonga-driver for rupees five. Its name was Toto. It was a mischievous small monkey. At first, his pranks were amusing. The family members enjoyed these pranks. But with the passage of time, his mischiefs became wilder. He broke many things in the house. At last, grandfather realized that he could not keep Toto at home any longer. So, he sold Toto back to the tonga-driver for three rupees.

  (यह एक रोचक कहानी है । वर्णनकर्त्ता के दादा जी को विभिन्न पालतू जानवर रखने का शौक था । एक दिन,उन्होंने एक तांगा-चालक से पॉंच रुपए में एक बंदर खरीदा । उसका नाम टोटो था । वह एक शरारती छोटा बंदर था । पहले-पहले उसकी शरारतें मनोरंजक थीं । परिवार के सदस्य इन शरारतों का आनंद उठाते थे । मगर समय के बीतने साथ-साथ ये शरारतें जंगली होती गई ।  उसने घर में बहुत-सी चीजें तोड़ दीं । आखिर दादा जीं ने महंसूस किया कि वे टोटो को घर में अधिक देर नहीं रख सकते । इसलिए उन्होंने टोटो को तांगा –चालक  को दोबारा तीन रुपए में बेच दिया ।


Keeping pets is a very popular hobby. However, when one has a baby monkey as one’s pet, the experiences are bound to be very different. “The Adventures of Toto” describes humorous episodes related to a mischievous pet monkey and the failed efforts made by its owners to give it a comfortable home.

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