The Adventures of Toto- Important Word-Meanings of difficult words & Vocabulary

By | August 14, 2020

The Adventure of Toto Poem is well explained through Introduction of the poem The Adventure of Toto, Message, Theme in the poem The Adventure of Toto. The Adventure of Toto Enotes also include title, characters, The Adventure of Toto summary in English of the lesson The Adventure of Toto, Summary in Hindi, The Adventure of Toto short summary, You will find The Adventure of Toto figures of speech, Word meanings, The Adventure of Toto essay, Complete poem in Hindi, Extracts , Long answers, Short answers, Very short Answers, MCQs and much more. The Adventure of Toto analysis pdf is also available. Get into The Adventure of Toto pdf for free.

The Adventures of Toto

                                                                                    By- Ruskin Bond

Important Word-Meanings of difficult words from the lesson- The Adventures Of Toto


 [PAGE 7] : Mischievous = naughty =शरारती ;docile = gentle = विनम्र ; feeding-trough = manger =खुरली,नांद; sparkled = shone =चमकती था ; pearly = like pearls = मोतियों जैसे ;  displayed = shown =दिखाए ; frightened = terrified =भयभीत ; pickled = salted and dried = wicked = evil looking = बुरी लगने वाली ;  scooping up =picking up = उठाना ; delicacy  =tasty dish = स्वादिष्ट व्यंजन ‘; fussed = made too much noise = बहुत शोर करना ; peg = peg =खूंटी ; fastened = stuck into =ठोकी हुई ; release = free =आजाद करना ; ornamental = decorative = सजावटी; naked = bare = खाली ; wrenched = taken out =बाहर निकालना ; socket  = hole = छिद्र; blazer = coat = कोट  in shreds = torn into pieces = टुकड़े –टुकड़े करना  I

 [PAGE 8] : Performance

= deed = काम ; sociably = peacefully =शांति से ; tortoise = tortoise = कछुआ ; squirrel = squirrel =गिलहरी ; tame = pet = पालतू ;canvas = thick cloth =मोटा कपड़ा ; straw = hay =फूंस ; Abode = place of living =रहने का स्थान ; curious = inquisitive =जिज्ञासु ; turnstile = a revolving door that allows one person at a time to pass through =घूमने वाला दरवाजा जिसमें से एक समय में एक ही व्यक्ति गुजर सकता है ;  poked = took out =बाहर निकलना ; grin = to show teeth in smile = मुस्कराहट मे दाँत दिखाना ; taken aback= surprised = हैरान हुआ ; annoyance = irritation =परेशानी ,खीज ; quadruped = creature of four legs =चार टाँगों का प्राणी ; prodded = searched with hand = हाथ से टटोला ; triumphant = victorious =विजयी I

 [PAGE 9] : Stable = place where animals are kept = तबेला ; apparent = clear =स्पष्ट ; halter = rope = रस्सी ; haunches = back part of body =शरीर का पिछला भाग ; dragging= pulling= खींचना  ; cunningly = cleverly =चालाकी से ; gradually = slowly = धीरे –धीरे ; Sticking out = keeping out =बाहर रहना ; hopping up = jumping up = कूदना ; hauled = took out = बाहर निकाला ; stuffing = filling up = भरना ,खाना ; screamed = cried = चिल्लाई ; jackfruit = a vegetable = कटहल ; spite = insult =अपमानित करना ; chattered = made a sound =आवाज़ की  ; well-to-do = rich =अमीर ; afford = bear = सहन करना  I


Sparkled—shone brightly; Beneath—below; Elderly—old aged person; Wicked—naughty; Scoop up—lift quickly; Delicacy—a tasty food item; Fussed—showed annoyance; Secret-something kept or meant to be kept unknown; Particular—special; Closet—a cupboard; Wrenched—pulled; Socket—hole to fit in; Shred-torn pieces; Blazer—jacket; Sociably—amiably; Tame—pet; Unfortunately—unluckily; Exhibition—public show; Occasionally—not frequently; Attract—to charm; Suddenly-abruptly; Poked—pushed; Grin—showed teeth; Qualify—gain ability; Quadruped—four legged; Prodded—pushed; Pleased—felt happy; Triumphant—rejoicing; Comfortable—relaxed; Stable—cattle shed; Apparent—visible; Halter—rope; Slap—quick hit with palm; Haunch—hind part of an animal with four legs; Jerked—moved suddenly; Fastened—fixed together at a place; Treat—special experience; Cunningly—cleverly; Gradually—slowly; Performance—act; Kettle—a container; Lid—cover; Hopping—jumping across; Hauled—pulled; Dish—a flat shallow container for cooking food; Stuffing—eating a lot; Screamed—cried; Jackfruit tree—a fruit tree; Spite—hurt; Realised—felt.

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