The Adventures of Toto- Extract Based comprehension test Questions

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The Adventures of Toto

                                                                                    By- Ruskin Bond


Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow in one or Iwo lines.


 Grandfather and I put him away in a little closet opening into my bedroom wall, where he was tied securely – or so we thought – to a peg fastened into the wall.

 (a) Who is ‘him’ in this extract?

Ans:Him’ in this extract is Toto, the baby monkey who was bought from a tonga-driver for five rupees by Grandfather. Toto was brought home as a pet.

 (b) Where was ‘he’ put away and why?

Ans: Toto was put away in a closet opening into the narrator’s bedroom wall. He was placed there to keep his presence a secret from Grandmother, who disliked pets.

(c) How was he tied? Did it prove to be ‘secure’?

 Ans: He was tied to a peg fastened into the wall. This did not prove to be secure because when left alone, Toto wrenched off the peg from its socket.

 (d) What is suggested by the phrase ‘or so we thought’?

 Ans: This phrase suggests that the narrator and his Grandfather were proven wrong in believing that they had tied Toto securely to the Peg.


Unfortunately, I could not accompany Grandfather on that trip but he told me about it afterwards.

(a) Which trip is being referred to here?

Ans: The trip being referred to here was from Dehra Dun to Saharanpur, undertaken by Grandfather.

 (b) Why had Grandfather gone there?

Ans: Grandfather had gone there to collect his pension.

 (c) Why does the speaker use the expression ‘unfortunately?

Ans: The speaker uses the expression ‘unfortunately’ because he enjoyed the company of his Grandfather and did not want to miss any chance to be with him.

 (d) What did Grandfather tell the speaker about the trip afterwards? Why?

Ans: Grandfather told the speaker about all the mischievous acts of Toto on that trip right from his jumping inside the bag at Dehra Dun platform to his peeping out of the bag and grinning at the ticket-collector on the Saharanpur railway station. He shared this information because he was very friendly with his grandson.


The ticket-collector looked closely at the tortoise, prodded it with his forefinger, gave Grandfather a pleased and triumphant look, and said, “No charge. It is not a dog.”

(a) Why did the ticket-collector look closely at the tortoise?

Ans: The ticket-collector looked closely at the tortoise in order to classify the animal in a category before charging for it.

 (b) How did the ticket-collector examine the tortoise?

Ans: The ticket-collector examined the tortoise by prodding it with his finger.

 (c) What type of look did the ticket-collector give to Grandfather? Why?

 Ans: The ticket-collector gave a pleased and triumphant look to Grandfather. He gave this look because he felt happy that he had classified the tortoise as ‘other than a dog’ and had thus saved Grandfather from paying extra.

 (d) Why were the charges waived by the ticket-collector?

Ans: The charges were waived because the tortoise was not a dog and fare could be charged only for dogs.


He would cunningly test the temperature with his hand, then gradually step into the bath, first one foot, then the other (as he had seen me doing), until he was into the water up to his neck.

 (a) Who is ‘he’ and what is he doing?

Ans:He’ is Toto, Grandfather’s pet monkey. He is taking a warm water bath on a cold winter evening.

(b) Why does he check the temperature?

Ans: He checks the temperature to make sure that the water is just warm enough to bathe.

 (c) What opinion do you form about Toto from the behaviour described in this extract?

Ans: Toto’s behaviour shows that he is a keen observer. He had seen the narrator taking a bath and he behaved in a similar manner while bathing himself.

 (d) What would Toto do next?

Ans: Toto would rub soap all over himself with his hands or feet.


We found him in the branches of the jackfruit tree, the dish still in his arms. He remained there all afternoon, eating slowly…

(a) Who is ‘him’ in this extract? Who found him?

 Ans:Him’ in this extract is Grandfather’s naughty pet, Toto, the baby monkey. He was found by the members of the narrator’s family.

(b)Where did he get the dish from?

Ans: He got the dish from the dining table where it had been laid at lunch-time.

 (c) Why was ‘he’ in the branches of the jackfruit tree?

Ans: He had escaped to the tree with the dish as he did not wish to get caught or punished for this mischief.

(d) What was he eating and why was he eating it slowly?

Ans: He was eating pullao which is made of rice. He was eating it slowly because there were too many small grains to be finished. Besides, he was naughty and eating slowly gave him a chance to tease those who were trying to capture him.

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