Should Wizard Hit Mommy?- Important Extra Questions Short Answer Type

By | July 6, 2020

Should Wizard Hit Mommy class 12 is well explained through Introduction, Message, Theme, Title, Characters, Summary in English. We have tried to give Summary in Hindi, Word meanings, Complete lesson in Hindi, Extracts, Long answers, Short answers, Very short Answers, MCQs and much more. Absolutely free.

Should Wizard Hit Mommy?

                                            By-John Updike

Short Answer Type Questions  (30 to 40 words)


Q1. What custom did John follow in the evenings and for Saturday naps?

Ans. Jack told his daughter Jo a story in the evenings and for Saturday naps. He told her a story that he would make up with a slight variation to the basic tale. This custom had begun two years ago when Jo was two.

 Q2. What was the basic tale underlying each story that Jack told?

Ans.Each story that Jack told Jo was a slight variation of a basic tale of a small creature named Roger. Roger had some problem and went with it to the wise old owl. The owl told him to go to the Wizard and the Wizard performed a magic spell that solved the problem. He then demanded payment and would tell Roger how to procure pennies from the well down the lane. Roger would go home happy just in time to hear daddy come home from Boston.

Q3 What idea do you form about Jack’s skill in the art of storytelling?

Ann. Jack’s stories lack variety. He ended up telling the same story with a slight variation here and there. He told the stories in an interesting narrative with gestures, sound effects and sometimes even some histrionics.

Q4. How was the custom of storytelling especially fatiguing on Saturday?

 Ans. Jack told Jo stories to make her sleep. Jo was now four and no longer slept like an infant. Saturday afternoons would become fatiguing as Jo refused to sleep despite lengthy story-telling sessions.

 Q5. Which animal did Jo suggest for the story that day? Why?

 Ans. Jo suggested the animal skunk that day. They must have talked about skunks at nursery school that day. It was a custom for Jack to have a slight variation in the story, so Jo chose skunk.

Q6. What was Roger Skunk’s problem? How did he get rid of it?

 Ans. Roger Skunk’s problem was that he smelled awful. The other animals would run away. Roger Skunk would stand there all alone. He got rid of his problem with the help of the Wizard who made him smell like a rose.

Q7. Do you think Jack and Jo could identify with Roger skunk as a victim of the hatred of other creatures?

 Ans. Jack brought the story to life when he narrated the tale remembering certain humiliations of his own childhood. The corners of Jo’s mouth drooped down and her lower lip bent forward. A tear flowed along the side of the nose. This shows that even Jo could identify with Roger Skunk.

 Q8. Which two opposite forces acted on Jack while he was telling Jo the story?

 Ans. Jack was telling Jo something she must know and had no wish to hurry on. On the other hand, he heard a chair scrapping. He realized that he must help his pregnant wife Clare to paint the woodwork downstairs. These were the opposite forces acting on Jack while he was telling Jo the story.

 Q9. What do you learn about Jo’s new reality phase?

 Ans. Earlier Jo used to accept her father’s word about magic etc. Now she had started asking if magic spells were real. She had become curious. She was growing up and wished to check the reality of all that was told to her.

Q10. What did Jack tell Jo about the Wizard?

 Ans. Jack told Jo that in the wizard’s house all magic things lay jumbled together in a big dusty heap because the wizard did not have any cleaning lady. He added that the wizard was a very old man and wizards don’t die.

 Q11. How did Jack make the role of the Wizard very impressive?

 Ans. Jack fixed Jo with the trace like gaze. He chanted a magic spell in the wizard’s elderly irritable voice. The chanting was rhythmical and had sweet rhymes. He ended the chant with a `Bingo’. He paused. Then he changed the tone to a whisper to highlight the dramatic effect. He finally said that the wizard’s house was full of the smell of roses.

 Q12. How did the woodland creatures react to the skunk’s new smell? What made Roger Skunk happy?

Ans.The woodland creatures found Roger Skunk’s new smell quite pleasant. They played many games with him and gathered around him. Roger Skunk was very happy to be accepted by the other animals.

 Q13. What made Jack continue the story?

Ans. Instead of falling asleep, Jo started to fuss with her hands and looked out of the window. She thought the story was over. Jack didn’t like women when they took things for granted. So he continued the story.

Q14. Why was Roger Skunk’s mommy angry?

Ans. Roger Skunk’s mommy was angry because of Roger smelt of roses. She wanted Roger to smell the way a little skunk would. She ordered him to take her to the wizard so that she could get Roger’s original bad smell back as their smell was a tool to keep enemies away.

Q15. Why did Jo not approve of skunk’s mother scolding him for his new smell?

 Ans. Jo was very happy that skunk smell like roses. He was accepted by the woodland creatures and was happy. Jo did not approve of skunk’s mother scolding him for something that made him acceptable among his friends and brought him happiness.

Q16. Why does the wizard take the beating and change the rose smell?

Ans. Roger Skunk’s mother was very angry. She wanted Roger to smell the way a little skunk should. Jack wanted to impress upon his daughter that mothers were always right so in his version the wizard complied with the mother’s command.

Q17. How did Jo want the wizard to behave when mommy skunk approached him?

Ans. Jo did not like the fact that mommy had hit the benevolent wizard who had made Roger happy. She wanted the wizard to hit mommy who did not let her son have a pleasant smell. The smell of roses made Roger accepted by his friends.

Q18. Why does Jo insist that her father should tell her the story with a different ending the next day?

Ans. Jo was not convinced that the animals would eventually get used to the way skunk smell. Jo wanted the wizard to hit mommy who did not bother about son’s happiness on being accepted by other animals in woodland.

Q19. Why did Roger Skunk go to see the old owl?

Ans. Roger Skunk smelt very bad and all the woodland creatures would run away from him. No one played with him. This made him very sad and he wanted to remove the bad smell so that he could be accepted by his peers.

Q20. How did Jo want the story of Roger Skunk to end?

 Ans. Jo was dissatisfied with the ending of the story. She wanted the Wizard to hit Roger’s mother with his magic wand. She disapproved of Mother Skunk to get back his old smell. She wanted Roger to be accepted by his friends. She also wanted the ‘stupid mommy’ to be punished.

Q21. How was the Skunk’s story different from the other stories narrated by Jack?

Ans.The stories told by Jack were well taken by Jo. The ending of Skunk’s story did not satisfy her. In the other stories, the Wizard would solve Roger’s problems but in this story Roger’s mother got his smell changed. The Skunk’s story in this regard was different from the other stories told by Jack.

Q22. How did the Wizard help Roger Skunk?

 Ans. Due to the foul smell, the woodland creatures did not play with Skunk. Skunk on the other hand, wanted to play with them and be accepted. He went to the Wizard to seek a solution. The Wizard heard him out and invited him inside his house and with the help of his magic wand made him smell like roses.

Q23. What makes Jack feel caught in an ugly middle position?

 Ans.Jack was divided into two difficult situations. Jo was dissatisfied with the ending of the story. Jack was unable to satisfy her and put her to sleep. On the other hand, his wife Clare was doing the work of painting. She was pregnant. Clare complained that he had told a long story. He could not help Clare. Jack felt utter weariness and did  not want to speak with his wife or work with her or touch her. He was caught in an ugly middle position.

 Q24. What was the basic plot of each story told by Jack? [Delhi 2017]

 Ans. Jack’s stories had a common plot and characters. The main character, always an animal, would change but he would always be named Roger. The wizard and the owl would always be part of Jack’s stories. Also, the main character would always have to give some pennies to the wizard.

Q25. Having got rid of his stink, what problem did Roger Skunk face? [Delhi 2017]

Ans. After his visit to the wizard, Roger Skunk came back home smelling of roses. His mother wondered what that ‘awful’ smell was. Roger replied happily that the wizard had made him smell like that. The mother became very angry. She decided to take him right back to that ‘awful’ wizard. She wanted Roger to smell like a skunk and retain his identity at all costs.

 Q26. What problem did Roger Skunk face when he went to play with his friends? How did he solve it? [Delhi 2017]

 Ans. Roger Skunk smelled very badly. Due to his bad smell, no animal came near him. Whenever he went out, all other tiny animals would run away leaving him alone to weep over his fate. Roger Skunk visited the wizard and asked him to give him the smell of roses. The wizard took his magic wand and chanted a spell and the Skunk’s wish was fulfilled.

Q27. What is mother Skunk’s role in the story? [All India 2017]

 Ans.Roger Skunk came back home. He smelled like roses. His mother wondered what that `awful’ smell was. The mother became very angry. She decided to take him right back to that ‘awful’ wizard. She wanted Roger to smell like a Skunk. A mother doesn’t care whether her child whom she loves and cherishes smells of roses or smells bad. Besides, through the mother’s character, John Updike wishes to convey that one’s God-given identity is sacrosanct and it should not be compromised for shallow reasons.

28. What changes did Jack find in his daughter as compared to the past when he began narrating bedtime stories?

 Ans. Jack had been telling stories to Jo for two years. But he found that there was a change in his daughter as compared to the past. Now Jo was developing a questioning attitude and her curiosity level was increasing day by day. Did she want logical answers to questions as to how was God around them? Could magic spells be real? etc. Moreover, her awareness of the world was growing.

29. Why was Roger Skunk’s mummy angry with him? Does her anger seem justified?

Ans. When Roger Skunk’s mother found him smelling like roses, she got very upset and angry. She did not like the idea that her son should lose his originality. In fact, she was correct because one should not leave one’s originality for the sake of others.

30. Why did Jo think Roger Skunk was better off with the new smell?

 Ans. Jo was a small child. For her peer acceptance and appreciation was of utmost importance. That’s why she thought Roger Skunk was better off with the new smell as it gave him acceptance and appreciation of his peer group.

31. How did the wizard help Roger Skunk?

 Ans. Roger Skunk smelled very bad and that is why nobody wanted to play with him. The owl suggested him to go to the wizard for help. The wizard asked Roger Skunk for the smell he wanted to have and so gave him the smell of roses with the help of his magic wand.

32. Why does Jo insist that her father should tell her the story with a different ending?

Ans. Jo was a small girl of four years. For her peer acceptance and appreciation was the most important thing. She found it cruel and insensitive on the part of mommy to hit the wizard and get back Skunk his original smell. She wanted a happy ending and also wanted the wizard to hit mommy for her insensitive act. So she asked her father to tell the story with a different ending.

33. Which action of Jo annoyed Jack? What do you think disturbed him?

 Ans. While Jack was telling the story, Jo was interrupting him due to her excitement. This annoyed Jack. Moreover, Jo’s interference was more of predicting in nature which Jack didn’t like. Jack didn’t want to lose his authority as a storyteller and wanted to exert full freedom for that. That’s what disturbed him. Moreover, he was in a hurry to make Jo sleep so that he could help his pregnant wife who was working alone downstairs.

34. Which two factors made Jack continue the story?

Ans. While Jack was telling the story, he found that though Jo was exhibiting the desired response to the story, her response was not sincere like his wife’s presence at the cocktail party. So he thought of continuing the story to create her real interest in the story. Moreover, he noticed that Jo was expecting the story to end in a particular way and he could not bear when women take things for granted. So he decided to continue the story by giving it a twist.

35. Why did Roger Skunk’s mommy insist on taking him to the wizard at once?

Ans. Roger Skunk’s mother was annoyed to find him smelling like roses. She believed that a skunk should smell like a skunk. It is their natural feature and the mark of their identity. So, she wanted his original smell to be restored as soon as possible and that is why she immediately took him to the wizard.

36. Why did Jo feel that the Skunk’s mommy was stupid?

 Ans. For Jo, if mommy does not care for the wishes of the child, then she is stupid. Jo found Roger Skunk’s mommy very cruel and insensitive because she did not bother about her son’s happiness and could not understand the misery he faced when rejected by woodland creatures.

37. Why was Roger Skunk’s mother angry? On whom did she pour her anger?

 Ans. Roger Skunk’s mother was angry to find that Roger Skunk smelling like a rose and losing his original smell. In a rage, she went to the wizard and hit him on his head for changing Roger Skunk’s smell. She asked him to give back him his original smell.

38. Why did Roger Skunk go to visit the owl?

 Ans. Roger Skunk smelt awful that is why no woodland creature was ready to play with him. He was rejected and ridiculed by all other children in the forest. He was very sad and disheartened. So, in order to take the advice as to how to get rid of the smell, he went to the owl.

39. How was the Skunk’s story different from the other stories narrated by Jack?

 Ans. All the previous stories narrated by Jack had a happy ending where the protagonist was happy and satisfied at the end of the story. But this story ended on a very different note. Here Roger Skunk was given his original bad smell because his mother didn’t want him to have any other smell. The wizard’ who gave the smell of roses to Skunk, was hit by mommy on his head.

40. What did Jo want the wizard to do when Mommy Skunk approached him?

Ans. Jo was a small girl of four years. She had more importance for peer appreciation and acceptance. She is too young to understand the moral value to remain original and maintain our own identity. That is why Jo didn’t like her act of hitting the wizard on the head. She wanted that mother should be punished for her cruel act of having hit the wizard on the head.

41. Why does Jack insist that it was the wizard that was hit and not the mother?

 Ans. Jack insisted that it was the wizard and not the mother who was hit because he wanted to imbibe a moral value in his daughter. He wanted to stress the point that parents are always right so they demand our respect and authority.

42. Which do you think is a better ending of Roger Skunk’s story, Jo’s or her father’s? Why?

Ans. In fact, the ending of Roger Skunk’s story should be as the father Jack had given. Every story should have a moral lesson. In this ending, the message’ is very strong and important. We must honour and respect what we have got naturally. We should not try to lose our identity and originality and should be accepted in society for what we really are

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