Short Poem on Our Nature & Life

By | April 30, 2018

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Our Nature

The blooming flowers, the tall Trees, In the garden with blooming breeze.

Sun is shining, honeybees collecting honey,To see the nature, we don’t need any money.

The river flowing with fishes inside, The birds are sitting beside.

One is cuts, one is sweet, Chanting together on a branch of a tree.

Lion and Tiger hunting for a deer, Children playing with great joy and cheer.

Apple, mango, banana lying on the ground, Greengrocers selling them in pounds.

Now the pollution is increasing, Quality of air is decreasing.

Lets save the nature together, To see the neat and clean weather.


My muscle says :

“These are the days, when you should, prepare for your games.”

My brain says :

“Always have a faith, so in future, you’ll never fail.”

My heart says :

“Always be kind, So your inner soul, will never become blind.”

My behaviour says :

“Help other, so that, you can move further.”

But the real meaning of life, is to never be behind.

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