Short Poem on My Dreams & If we want to

By | December 13, 2019
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My Dreams

I dream of a church on a beach, where all go to preach

I think of that beautiful beach, which I know is beyond my reach.

I dream of a nation, without any discussion

Where peace and prosperity rules, over the ocean blues.

I have a dream, to eat an ice-cream

which is far more luscious than any treat, in this human world of greed.

I dream that I am a Megaman, soaring the skills like Superman

Yet as sharp as Batman, mixed with the humor of Spiderman.

I know my delusion, is nothing but a mere illusion

Yet to realize them I’ll try my best and on God I leave the rest.


If we want to …………

There is nothing difficult, If we want to do.

There is nothing far, If we want to reach.

There is no problem, If we want to solve.

There is nothing strange, If we want to know.

There is nothing dull, If we want to take interest.

There is nothing to hate, If we want to love.

There is no enmity, If we want friendship.

There is nothing to neglect, If we want to care.

There is no religious difference, If we want to consider.

Success comes to those who dare to dream life is not about just success but,

about standing up wen you fall bruising your knees and running again